Leonardo DiCaprio Loses Out on Another Award

Leonardo DiCaprioLeonardo DiCaprio should be used to losing out on awards now, and he has lost out on another one. This time it was the Best Male Performance award at the MTV Movie Awards, and to Josh Hutchinson. The decision has made many question over whether it was the right decision.

Hutchinson gained the reward for his performance as Peeta Mellark in Hunger Games: Catching Fire. It was certainly a good performance, but was it really better than DiCaprio’s performance in Wolf of Wall Street?

Losing out on the Oscar was understandable considering Matthew McConnaughay scooped up the award instead. MccConnaughay went through a major physical transformation for his role, as well as giving an amazing performance. Losing out at the BAFTAs was also understandable considering Chiwetel Ejifor took the award for his performance in 12 Years a Slave.

This is nothing against Hutchingson’s acting abilities and he was great as Peeta, but DiCaprio is simply a much better actor. The 39-year-old has a bigger acting range, and has much more experience.

It could be that the acting experience and age has something to do with it, especially when it comes to the MTV Movie Awards. This award show is for the younger generation; those who want to watch the various programs MTV puts on. The audience wants to see the younger stars, which is evident in Zac Efron taking the best body award over Chris Hemsworth. It would make sense for Hutchinson to take home the award when age is taken into consideration.

It just seems such a shame for DiCaprio to lose out on another award, especially an award that he arguably deserves. Wolf of Wall Street is his best performance for a long time, and there are some amazing performances from the actor. One just has to consider Blood Diamond, The Great Gatsby and Shutter Island when looking at some of the range of roles and performances he has offered Hollywood.

This was his 33rd nomination since the start of his acting career in 1989, and it just seems like he should have been the winner. Out of the 33 nominations he has had, he has only ever won two. He has been up against some amazing talents in the past, but this just seems like a snub to his acting abilities and the performance he put in for the Wolf of Wall Street.

There is also the question over whether he could win an award for this film. He came across as a wonderful Jordan Belfort, and it was easy to forget that this was a character one was supposed to despise and even hate. Could someone really win an award for such a character, expect for a “Best Bad Guy as the Main Character” award?

The good news is that he did win one award at the MTV Movie Awards. His 34th nomination was for the #WTF Moment, and he gained it for the scene where his character goes out in his Lamborghini. However, it still does not make up for DiCaprio missing out on another Best Performance award, and this time against Hunger Games star Hutchinson.

Opinion by Alexandria Ingham


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