Miley Cyrus: Liam Hemsworth Still Cares

Miley Cyrus: Liam Hemsworth Still Cares
Miley Cyrus may be annoyed at press publications who have made unqualified speculation about why she is really ill without caring about how their faux news will affect the singer’s family, but the 21 year-old singer can take solace in the fact that Liam Hemsworth still cares. The former Hannah Montana is still in hospital suffering from her allergic reaction to an antibiotic prescribed for her sinus infection. As the last of her U.S. tours have been cancelled, Miley is upset that her fans have, temporarily at least, lost out on getting to see her Bangerz tour stateside.

European fans can relax, as it appears that the singer will be able to perform at those venues. Although it does seem a little over optimistic to believe that Miley will be well enough to start hitting stages in May. Apart from her fan’s disappointment, which is only temporary as Cyrus will be honoring her stateside tours in August, the Wrecking Ball singer is trying to get back on her feet as quickly as possible.

Liam Hemsworth getting in touch may help Cyrus keep her spirits up. Apparently the Australian actor still cares about Miley enough to get in touch with her. The two were an item after they met on the set of The Last Song in 2009. They got engaged in 2012 and un-engaged in 2013. As Hemsworth is a “stand-up” kind of guy, he contacted Miley to see how she really is.

It has been speculated that the loss of the performer’s dog Floyd set her up for this protracted bout of illness. The loss of her beloved pet came before the sinus infection that required medical treatment. Rumors, however, have flooded the Internet with theories as to why Miley is really in the hospital. These “real reasons” include Cyrus being pregnant, detoxing, mental exhaustion, and a break-down.

Over the weekend, the former Disney star lashed out angrily at the media for “scaring her family.” Of course, it isn’t all media’s fault when sources “close to the singer” are revealing that the real reason Cyrus got ill was down to her partying. Her fans have rallied behind the young singer, some relaying information about personal friends who have suffered allergic reactions to antibiotics as well.

The antibiotic drug cephalexin was prescribed by doctors to fight a sinus infection. Miley has been tweeting to her fans apologising for missing her U.S. tour dates. She has also used Twitter as a sort of microblogging “diary” of her stay in the hospital. Cyrus has reassured her devout following that doctors are doing their very best to help the singer recover.

Despite her health woes, as well as her depression over losing Floyd, the fact that Liam Hemsworth still cares enough about Miley to contact the entertainer while she is still so ill, may help her state of mind if nothing else. Cyrus is apparently still very much in the Australian actor’s mind. Sources close to the Hunger Games star say that while they may not have survived their relationship, he still cares very much for her. Miley’s reps, meanwhile, have said that refunds will be available for cancelled concerts.

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