Miley Cyrus Postponed U.S. Tour Until August

Due to hospitalization, Miley Cyrus postponed the remainder of her U.S. Bangerz tour until August. The singer suffered a severe allergic reaction to an antibiotic, called Cephalexin, which doctors prescribed to treat her sinus infection. Cyrus could stay in the hospital for almost a month and her fans freaked out when they heard the news. According to Live Nation, a concert promotion company, the tour will continue on August 1, 2014 in Uniondale, New York. Miley also added two additional concerts in Philadelphia and Pittsburgh.

Miley’s troubles began when she started suffering from sinus infection last week and was admitted to a hospital after an allergic reaction to Cephalexin. The Wrecking Ball singer expressed her frustration with the illness on Twitter, saying that it sucks seeing everyone having fun in Nashville, her hometown and the place she was looking forward to the most. Even though Cyrus tweeted out the new tour dates, she is doing everything she can to get better, since she wants to be back on her feet before August.

Hollywood Life source said, that the singer could be back in commission much sooner and that it is very unlikely that she will be absent for that long. According to the source, Cyrus desperately wants to get on with the tour and is going mental from boredom. In order to get better, the singer is doing everything she can and must, even though she cannot wait to get out of the hospital. Miley Cyrus is reportedly very disappointed over the fact that the U.S. tour had to be postponed until August. Although everyone in her team is crushed because of what happened to Cyrus, they are all of the opinion that there is ray of sunshine to this, since it is forcing the singer to finally take a break from partying. Her body seems to need a break and now that Miley is hospitalized, it is getting one.

It seems like Cyrus is really listening to the doctors and her recovery looks speedier than anticipated, since her representative released a statement in the Associated Press that the European backlog of the tour will continue as planned. The tour is scheduled to start on May 2 in Amsterdam. Miley’s family and friends are glad that she is finally slowing down and are also hoping that she will take better care of herself when she gets released from the hospital. Cyrus’s motto might be We Can’t Stop, but that still does not mean she is invincible.

When Miley got hospitalized, her fans questioned the press release, which stated that she suffered a severe allergic reaction. Hollywood Life source said that this may be the main reason for singer’s hospitalization, but she is intensely grieving over the death of Floyd, her beloved dog, which is taking a serious toll on Miley’s health. Since Floyd was her best friend, Cyrus feels like a part of her also died with him. After her dog untimely passed away, the singer had trouble sleeping and is beyond exhausted mentally, physically and emotionally. It seems that Miley really misses Floyd, as she posted a picture on Twitter, using the hashtag “#wishicouldcuddlefloyd.”

Miley Cyrus remains hospitalized and was forced to postpone her U.S. tour until August. Since this type of severe allergic reaction can last from five to 27 days, Cyrus continues to be under a doctor’s care until some visible improvement in her condition.

By Janette Verdnik

Hollywood Life
Daily News

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