Miley Cyrus Sources Claim Dog’s Death Is Reason for Hospitalization

Miley CyrusSources close to Miley Cyrus are claiming that her dog’s recent death is the real reason she has been hospitalized. However, the 21-year-old singer and her team are adamant that it was due to a severe allergic reaction to her antibiotics. She has remained in hospital and has been forced to cancel another concert due to it.

The former Disney star took to Twitter as soon as she found out to inform her fans that she would not make her St. Louis concert. She expressed her apologies and explained that her team could not inform anyone yet because they were not awake. She wanted to make sure fans who were “trekking to get there” knew that it was called off, so they were not inconvenienced too much.

According to Life and Style magazine, a source told gossip website TMZ that the death of Floyd had something to do with her recent stints of ill-health. Earlier in the month, her favorite dog had passed away, rumored to have been the victim of a coyote attack. Shortly after that, she came down with the flu and had to cancel her Charlotte gig. She was just about well enough to perform at Raleigh, mainly because she did not want to disappoint her fans more than she already had.

A source has claimed that to get over the death of her dog, the singer has been partying a lot. She is also an “emotional mess,” and it seems like her partying is catching up on her. Sources close to Cyrus even go as far to claim that her dog’s death is the reason for her hospitalization.

According to sources, she has not been able to sleep. It is worth pointing out that owning dogs is like having children. Pets become a part of the family, and there is a love like no other. This was definitely the case for Cyrus. Her dogs have always been like children to her, and she was very close to the Alaskan Klee Kai puppy. When that is taken into consideration, it is understandable that she is struggling to sleep.

A lack of sleep and her the schedule on her Bangerz tour is going to lead to issues with the health. The body needs sleep, and if it does not get that then the immune system just does not work properly. The slightest cold can be difficult to deal with, and that leads to the flu. It does not help that Cyrus is obviously allergic to the antibiotics given to her, and never realized beforehand.

So far, there is no news whether the dates will be rescheduled. That was expected when the Charlotte gig was cancelled, but there may now be too many gigs to reschedule for a later date. All those who bought tickets will get a full refund, which suggests that a new date is not going to be on offer.

Whatever the reason, the Wrecking Ball singer is getting the medical attention she needs. As much as she hates it, she is in the best place for her right now. It does not matter what the reason is really, even if sources believe the death of Cyrus’ dog’s death is the reason for her being hospitalized, as long as she is getting better and can get back on tour.

Opinion by Alexandria Ingham


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