Miley Cyrus Cancels Concert Due to Illness

Miley CyrusMiley Cyrus canceled a concert last night due to an illness. She told fans at the last minute, so many turned up on the night to a very disappointing moment of learning they would not see their favorite singer.

The 21-year-old made the decision to cancel due to “throat and sinus” issues. She would not be able to put on the concert that fans deserved, and believed it was better to cancel the Charlotte gig of her Bangerz tour and hope that she could continue the next night. However, there are chances that future dates will be canceled.

A date will likely be rescheduled for the Charlotte fans, but no definite timeframe has been given yet. Those in Raleigh should look out for announcements that their date tonight is postponed. It will all depend on how the Wrecking Ball singer feels. There are dates on Thursday and Saturday in Washington, D.C. and Auburn Hills, Michigan respectively. Fans will want to look out for updates from the Cyrus team just in case they are also affected.

The worst part is cancelling so late. Fans turned up to the doors to see their singer, a singer some have paid thousands of dollars to see. While some illnesses are sudden, the singer’s reps state that she has the flu. The symptoms would have taken some time to develop, and she would have likely known sooner that she could not have performed. It would have at least stopped the majority of her fans turning up to find out Cyrus had canceled her concert date due to illness.

Considering she uses Twitter so much to let her feelings out, she made no indication that a cancellation was coming up. On April 6, she tweeted “excruciating pain” and then it is all silent. It is not normal for her to be quiet for so long, which does suggest that the excuse is genuine, but it still makes many fans question why there was little warning.

The former Disney star is still getting over the death of her favorite dog, Floyd, while welcoming new puppy Moonie into the family. It has been a difficult month, but she continued with her tour and gave her fans heart-warming performances while trying to hold back the tears.

She does sing live, so a throat infection or illness that attacks that area is going to affect her ability to perform. It is likely better for fans that she chooses to postpone the dates instead of lip-syncing and giving a half-hearted performance. However, it does not mean fans do not deserve a little bit of extra warning.

While she is ill, she can celebrate the fact that another single has gone platinum. Adore You is the 10th studio single to see that happen. At least that is one good thing to happen in April, although it definitely does not make up for her dog dying.

Fans who are planning to attend the Raleigh concert tonight need to keep their eyes peeled for announcements. There is the chance that Cyrus will cancel another concert due to illness, and reschedule the date when she feels better.

Opinion by Alexandria Ingham


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