Twitter Users More Likely to Divorce?

TwitterA recent study has shown that Twitter users who are on the site for long periods of time are more likely to divorce. The study, carried out by University of Missouri doctoral student Russell B. Clayton, suggests that the conflict that arises from the use of the social media website leads to the breakdown of relationships.

Clayton previously carried out a study on Facebook, the rival social media website. That study showed that the conflict on that website was harmful to relationships that had started up to three years before the start of the conflict. However, this new study shows that the length of the relationship does not matter.

There are many limitations to this study, but there is also some sense of obviousness to it. Those who spend more time on social media sites than with their partners are more likely to start arguing. There is going to be talk about the amount of time spent on the computer or with the phone, and partners will feel left out or not important enough. Some will feel the sense of followers on Twitter, who many people do not know personally, are the people who matter in the partners’ lives.

The results for the study involved only a small amount of users on the social media site. Just 581 people took part, out of the millions currently on the website. There are also limited looks into the relationships before the use of the site. The study is not that conclusive to show that Twitter users are more likely to divorce due to conflict than remain with their partners.

People break up for many reasons, and the social networking website could just be the final straw for them. It could also just be coincidental that people who use the site regularly have seen an end to their relationship. There are plenty of reasons to be on the site, and business owners will likely spend time to promote their own business. It is not necessarily the Twitter use, but the business that is getting in the way of the relationship.

Many couples have also gotten together because of the social media site. It allows people to meet, and many younger couples have stated in studies they feel closer because of the interaction. It allows couples who live miles apart to quickly interact daily, and those who just need to send a quick message to a loved one the ability to do it for free. This could just show the generation gap, as more younger people focus on using technological methods of communication over other methods.

Clayton pointed out that some couples now have joint social media accounts. This can reportedly keep them together because it stops the conflict. However, there may still be one person in the relationship using it more than the other. All it does is make it harder for one person to have affairs in secret, which is another reason for divorce due to the site according to the doctoral student.

While the study shows that relationships are more likely to end, there are too many limitations to the study for a conclusive answer. Technology is regularly blamed for couples not communicating, so it makes sense that a high use of Twitter is more likely to lead to divorce than couples staying together if they do not make time to spend with each other.

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