Miley Cyrus Still Hospitalized Suffering Allergic Reaction to Antibiotics

Miley Cyrus Still Hospitalized Suffering Allergic  Reaction to Antibiotics

Miley Cyrus has been hospitalized due to a severe allergic reaction she experienced after taking the antibiotic cephalexin, and she had to cancel two shows of her Bangerz tour, according to E! The Friday one, scheduled to be in Nashville, is still on so far, but that could change if her condition persists.

Miley Cyrus, 21, a Nashville native, is reportedly upset that she has had to cancel the two performances, and she doesn’t want to possibly disappoint any of her fans, but she is still not at 100 percent. She was prescribed the antibiotic in North Carolina after she came down with a sinus infection. Unfortunately, she was allergic to the cephalexin, and doctors at the hospital in Kansas City, Missouri, where she was rushed to have said that these sorts of severe reactions “can last from 5 to 27 days.”

One of the shows Miley Cyrus had to cancel would have been Wednesday night at the Scottrade Center in St. Louis, Kansas. She tweeted to her fans, telling them that her team wasn’t up and there with her at the hospital at the time “because it was too early.” She said she was sorry she couldn’t make it, as the hospital wouldn’t release her today.

The “Wrecking Ball” singer was admitted to the hospital on Tuesday after experiencing an extremely adverse reaction to the medication. She also tweeted about the “amazing Drs.” who “are taking good care of me.”

Also this month, just last week, Miley Cyrus had to cancel a performance in Charlotte, because she had the flu. Though she was still not feeling the greatest, Miley took the stage the following night for a concert in Raleigh, North Carolina.

The first concert Miley Cyrus had to cancel due to her severe allergic reaction was one that had been scheduled for last Tuesday night at the Sprint Center in Kansas City. She had hoped that the hospital would release her in time to make the Wednesday night concert, but that was not to be the case.

If you have purchased a ticket to the Nashville concert, a representative of Miley Cyrus issued a statement that refunds are now being refunded for the tickets. Refunds were being made at wherever fans made their original purchases.

Tweeting that “somwthings are outta my control,” and adding that “im miserable” Miley Cyrus wanted to let her fans know that she would much rather be giving her concerts and entertaining them, but she couldn’t because of her allergic reaction to the antibiotic.

Miley Cyrus is not loving being away from her fans and being stuck at the hospital. She especially doesn’t like the hospital TV, which she tweeted about on Tuesday night, saying that it was “wacccckkkkkkk.”

Miley wanted to let her fans know that she loves performing, and hates disappointing them by being forced to cancel the concert dates. Ticket holders in Nashville are crossing their fingers that Miley Cyrus will be feeling better and will be able to perform at the Friday concert.

Written by: Douglas Cobb



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  1. Juan   May 17, 2014 at 2:38 pm

    keflex is commonly prescribed for sinusitis, but is not the preferred antibiotic. get well soon, miley.

  2. Toxic   April 17, 2014 at 4:31 pm

    Cephalexin is poison. FDA must have got bribed by corporate money on that drug.

  3. sakara   April 17, 2014 at 4:44 am

    have to wonder how much marijuana and molly have to do with her…illness.


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