Miley Cyrus Tour Dates Rescheduled

CyrusMiley Cyrus has recently rescheduled the tour dates she was forced to cancel while in hospital. She has also announced two extra dates as a way of an apology for the trouble this past month. Despite fighting against an allergic reaction, her fans have always been at the front of her mind and all she wanted to do was get back on tour.

The 21-year-old was admitted to hospital on April 15 after suffering an allergic reaction from the antibiotics prescribed for her sinus infection. There were numerous rumors spreading that she had done it to herself due to her excess partying and inability to sleep after her dog’s death. However, the singer hit out at those spreading the rumors, sharing the official statement from her reps.

Being admitted into hospital meant that dates for her Bangerz tour were cancelled. Unfortunately, it meant the rest of the American leg of the tour was cancelled, since she could have been in hospital for up to 27 days. In the end she was released on April 25, and able to share the details of her ordeal with Ryan Seacrest three days later.

The new dates have now been confirmed for all previously postponed and cancelled shows. Those who had tickets for Philadelphia, Louisville, Nashville and Uniondale will be able to use their current tickets. However, those who had tickets for the St. Louis, Charlotte and Kansas City shows will need to purchase new tickets and will receive a refund for their current ones.

Along with the tour dates being rescheduled, Cyrus announced that two new dates have been added to the mix. She will now appear in Pittsburgh and Chicago. Those wanting tickets for the former date will be able to buy them on May 2. Those wanting the Chicago date will need to wait until May 9. All the rescheduled and new dates are in August, after the Wrecking Ball singer finishes the European leg of her tour.

Some have questioned Cyrus’ decision to get straight back on the road. However, she informed Seacrest that she was looking forward to this. All she wanted to do was get back on stage. She even left the hospital on numerous occasions to try and do her shows, only to find her allergic reaction became worse and she was back in the hospital. It could have been a much more serious condition had the singer decided to ignore the medical advice more than she did.

The only good thing about being in the hospital was to do some online shopping, but admitted to making some questionable choices. She blames the pain medication for the choices that she made, stating she would not have bought items without the meds.

There was a small number of people online arguing that the 21-year-old just wanted to take time off from the tour. However, she told Seacrest that that has never been the case. She would only go to the hospital and cancel events for good reasons. Her favorite place is on the stage. Cyrus is looking forward to the rescheduled tour dates and hopes fans are too.

By Alexandria Ingham


Entertainment Weekly



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