Grumpy Cat Frisky for Endorsement

Grumpy Cat Frisky for EndorsementThe internet’s favorite cat is partnering up with a cat food manufacturer in a new advertising campaign. The frustrated feline known as Grumpy Cat won the hearts of scores of people in 2012 with her endearing malformations, and now she is moving up in the world, to an endorsement deal with Friskies brand cat food. Grumpy Cat is the new face of their Party Mix line of edibles. The addition of the frustrated feline to the Friskies marketing campaign has also come with a frown contest; the cat owner who submits the grumpiest looking photo of their furry friend is eligible to win “exciting prizes.”

Since Grumpy Cat’s first appearance on the internet on September 22, 2012, the furry frown has been hard to ignore. She was featured on the front page of The Wall Street Journal in May of 2013 and on the cover of  2013’s October issue of New York Magazine.  Tard, or Tardar Sauce was born on the fourth of April, 2012. She has feline dwarfism, which accounts for her, strange facial features and hindered stride. Tardar Sauce’s pronounced under-bite caused by her feline dwarfism is the cat’s defining grumpy feature.

The kitty’s claim to fame was a picture on social news website, Reddit, by her owner’s brother, Bryan Bundesen. Mr. Bundesen first saw the flustered fluff ball on a visit to his sister and snapped a photo of her on his lap. He said that responding posters were so convinced that the image was edited with Photoshop, that he and his sister decided to take a few videos and upload those, as well. The original image was quickly adopted by the internet and turned into a meme, with an incomprehensible number of varying captions. Tardar Sauce’s owner, Tabatha Bundesen says that the angry-looking cat is very good-natured and affectionate. The assertions of the public that she has sedated the cat for public appearances is only due to Tardar Sauce’s tendency to doze off.

The Bundesens also sold Grumpy Cat’s persona to Broken Road Film Productions, the company responsible for Paul Blart: Mall Cop, for a movie deal in 2013. Garfield, the cantankerous, orange, Monday-hating cat of comic books and animated films, may have some competition. The Grumpy Cat film may be animated or will feature the flustered furball herself; the apathetic acting abilities showcased in her Friskies commercials coupled with her docile nature make her an ideal candidate for the silver screen.

Tardar Sauce, the Grumpy Cat, has even been featured in a Sesame Street clip with Oscar the Grouch; wherein the two debated over which had the foulest attitude. The result of course, was with Grumpy Cat as the victor, though Oscar the Grouch insisted on calling it a draw. The television pop culture staple, American Idol, featured a recent appearance of Grumpy Cat; rumor has it that she was unimpressed.

In light of the Grumpy Cat’s frisky new endorsement deal, American Idol appearance, and her impending movie success, Tardar Sauce may just be the most fiscally successful feline in the world. Her permafrown is an expression widely recognized by scores of people all over the globe, and because she is beginning her acting career at only two years old, Grumpy Cat may become a more regular guest on our televisions in the future.

By Faye Barton

CNN Money

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