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Miley Cyrus Worried about Weight Gain in Hospital


Miley Cyrus spent five to six days stuck in the hospital due to a scary allergic reaction, but the only thing the singer was worried about was gaining weight. Instead of worrying about her health, canceled tour shows, or her disappointed fans, the singer seemed to be more worried about her looks. Cyrus called into a radio station this week and opened up about her experience.

Cyrus became very ill and was forced to cancel a Charlotte concert because she checked into the hospital. After one overnight visit, doctors felt the singer was well enough to get back on the road and prescribed her an antibiotic. However, the singer became even sicker and was admitted into the hospital a second time while in Kansas. This time, it was more serious and Cyrus was kept for days due to an allergic reaction.

Cyrus explains that she came down with a cold and was taking prescribed medication for it. However, after about a week taking the medicine, the singer woke up and realized something was very wrong. Cyrus explains that she felt like she had been poisoning herself for a week with medication she was unknowingly allergic to. Doctors were very concerned that the singer was at risk for infection, so they kept her for almost a week. Miley Cyrus says while she was in the hospital, she couldn’t keep any food down, except Cracker Barrel, and this caused her to gain unwanted weight.

Cyrus jokes that most people are not able to eat while they are sick, but she is able to eat anything. The singer admits to eating Cracker Barrel and making her mother do whatever she wanted. Not only did the star get all her meals from Cracker Barrel, but she indulged in ice cream too. Cyrus complains that she was so bored in the hospital that she cried every night and begged her doctors to let her leave and get back on tour. However, her doctor thought it better to watch the singer and give her steroids instead. Cyrus explains that although she is okay now, the infection can come back within 27 days, the singer must still be careful.

Cyrus also lashed out at people who claimed she was faking being sick. Some reports accused the singer of playing hooky and using the illness to get out of touring. Maybe people thought Cyrus would rather be parting instead of performing. However, Cyrus refutes these claims by saying she is a naturally hyper person and she would rather be on stage than lying in a hospital bed. Cyrus says she is really excited to get back to work and she feels like she walking into a brand new tour.

Cyrus will resume her tour by completing the U.S. dates this summer, and then take it across the pond to Europe. The Bangerz tour has received a lot of complaints from parents who are upset at Miley Cyrus’s choice in skimpy costumes, so perhaps the extra weight gained in the hospital will make the singer want to cover up more. Parents can only hope.

Opinion By Sara Petersen

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