Milford Stabbing Suspect Could Be Charged as Adult

Milford stabbing maren sanchez chris plaskonFriday, April 25 marked a devastating day at Jonathan Law High School in Milford Connecticut when Maren Sanchez was brutally stabbed to death by one of her classmates. The suspect in the case, identified as Chris Plaskon, 16, is currently being held in custody for Sanchez’s murder and prosecutors say, following a psychiatric evaluation, the Milford stabbing suspect could be charged in the crime as an adult.

It is unclear what prompted the Milford stabbing, but some speculate that Plaskon may have killed Sanchez because she would not accompany him to the prom. It was the day of prom when Plaskon walked into school and stabbed Sanchez multiple times in the face, neck, and chest. Faculty members rushed to the scene where they apprehended Plaskon and tried to care for Sanchez until emergency medical assistance could arrive. However, sadly, too much damage had been done and Sanchez was pronounced dead at the Bridgeport Hospital approximately 30 minutes later.

Friends and faculty members at Law High School in Milford Connecticut were shocked by the brutal murder of Sanchez. They said she was an honor student who was very popular at the school. They went on to say they simply could not believe Plaskon could do something so heinous. He was described as being an all-American type kid who was funny, was well liked, had a good sense of humor, and was an athlete at the school.

Richard Meehan, Plaskon’s attorney said the Milford stabbing suspect is being held on a 15-day committal and he is under a suicide watch. He went on to say Plaskon will receive a psychiatric evaluation; however due to the severity and viciousness of the crime, following the psychiatric evaluation, he could be charged in the crime as an adult.

Because Sanchez was viciously stabbed and killed on the day of prom, officials with Law High School decided it would be best to postpone prom until a later date. As of now, no new date has been set for the prom. In lieu of a prom celebration, students dressed in their formal attire and gathered on the beach where they released purple balloons as a way to honor Sanchez. Friends of the Milford stabbing victim said purple was chosen for the balloons because that was Sanchez’s favorite color.

When asked what the motive in the case was, Milford police spokesman, Jeffrey Nielson said they have no other possible motives and would not speculate saying the police department works only with facts. Nielson went on to say that the Milford stabbing case is currently still under investigation.

Connecticut State attorney, Kevin Lawlor was asked whether he would charge Plaskon as an adult in the Milford stabbing case and he said it is definitely a possibility that he will charge the suspect, Chris Plaskon as an adult. However, he noted that Plaskon would have to appear in court before he can do so and, at this time, he cannot appear in court because he is being held for psychiatric evaluation and he is under suicide watch.

By Donna W. Martin


Chicago Tribune

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