Milwaukee Brewers Pitching Staff Is the Key to Success

BrewersLast year the pitching staff of the Brewers was average at best. The team ended the year with an ERA of 4.20 which landed them near the bottom of the rankings, No. 21 to be exact. If the Milwaukee Brewers want to see any success this year, the key will come off the pitching staff. They will need to pick up their play and rely less on their bullpen.

So far this year the Brewers have jumped off to a great start. This can be attributed to the pitching which has a combined ERA of 2.25. With pitching gaining momentum the team has found its rhythm. Right now the team is running on all cylinders with both the bats and pitching taking care of business.

Wily Peralta helped the Brewers in the Cardinals series, keeping them from getting swept. Peralta allowed only six hits and struck three out in six and one-third innings. Allowing only one run in the game. The final score was five to one.

BrewersPeralta is 2-0 on the season. He has stepped up when the Brewers have needed him most. With Kyle Lohse and Yovani Gallardo at the front of pack, the need for another pitcher to step up has been welcomed. Peralta has shown some real talent and is coming along in his game with a 1.96 ERA. He has allowed 15 hits, eight runs, and three home runs, walking only five in the 18.1 innings he has pitched. The key for the success of the Brewers does not have to rely solely on the back of one pitcher out of the pitching staff; they have the benefit of being able to rely on a number of arms.

With Peralta taking care of his business, Lohse has been able to relax and settle into the rotation. He has 3-1 record in four games. He has an ERA of 2.67 allowing 20 hits, 10 runs and only two home runs, walking ten in 27 innings. He is a dedicated player and spends a great deal of time studying his opponents. He may not have the best pitches on the team, but he will place his pitches right where they need to be.

BrewersYovani Gallardo, the Brewers ace, will have time to rest his arm in the rotation now. He is leading the pitching staff in their success with the Brewers picking up some key players to support him. Gallardo 2-0 in the four games he has pitched. With an ERA of 1.46 in 24.2 innings pitched, he has the best record among the Brewers pitchers. Gallardo has allowed 20 hits, four runs and one home run with seven walks so far on the season.

Matt Garza has struggled at the beginning of the season, but the Brewers see the potential in him, as shown by his fat contract. Garza has lost two on the season with an ERA of 4.50. Not exactly what is expected, but the season is young and Garza will find his grove.

It would be wrong not to mention Tyler Thornburg who has had some impressive outings so far in the season, with an ERA of .90 and two wins. He has been a great asset to the Brewers. Thornburg rounds off the rotation, bringing some high-powered pitching to the team.

The future looks bright for the Milwaukee Brewers, having had some key pitching their success. It is important that the Brewers utilize their players and their strengths, giving them the best chance to make the playoffs.

Commentary by Jabar Morarend

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