Minecraft Adds Titanfall Mod ‘Ironfall’ [Video]


With few exceptions, what is created will be recreated in Minecraft, and Titanfall did not escape this fate now that the new Ironfall mod has been added. Just like World of Warcraft, Game of Thrones, Lord of the Rings, and even the USS Voyager, Ironfall will be a playable homage to the original with incredibly detailed accuracy. After the successful release on Xbox One and PC, it was a great candidate to find its way into the cubed reality.

YouTube user BrenyBeast has demonstrated the game in the video below. With excitement and a clear Australian accent, he walks through gameplay and adds tips that he has learned from playing several rounds, and mentions some of the bugs to look out for. It is still in beta, however the creators have taken suggestions from BrenyBeast so there have already been improvements added. He explains the simple controls and shows the frustrations encountered against an opponent that is particularly fond of the double jump ability.

The users that created it reported on imgur that as soon as they saw Titanfall, they knew the remake had to happen “to the best of our abilities, in Minecraft.” The result is similar to the Attrition matches of Titanfall where two teams will form an 8v8 match and kill scores will earn points with the winner being the first to reach 100. The new Minecraft mini-game Ironfall includes the familiar Titanfall guns and soon more weapons will be added. For now only the “Rise” map has been given a blocky make over for the game but the ability to summon titans is still a huge part of gameplay. More maps are currently being worked on.

For this game, titans are iron golems that crash down from the sky so players can access them by crawling within and receiving weapons. “Ironfall” is activated to drop the mech, or golem, into battle. A green circle appears and the player can then pilot the titan equivalent. What the creators call “just a fun little effect that we wanted to include from the start” is a feature where the golems will crash through glass roofs if they are summoned below the fragile panels.

Players are given choices of different classes and loadouts before spawning. They will also have to look out for anti-golem weaponry, such as rocket launchers, that others can use. New developments are in the works and not just more maps. More game modes, a variety of additional golems, and better wall-running are the main ones. It is still in beta, of course, so several bugs may be encountered. Such as the current limit to four golems per each team, which may be expanded upon.

The depth they have gone to is reviewed as impressive. Afterall, they have gone above and beyond simply adding a Titanfall map in Minecraft, and the Ironfall mod is really well done. Instead of settling, they have also added the shift of gameplay for multiplayer shooting matches and even vehicles. The minute details have not been overlooked either. Double jumps, loadouts, killstreaks, and pilot ejections have all been incorporated as well.

By Whitney Hudson

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