Minnie Driver Is Done With Twitter for Now

Minnie DriverMinnie Driver is done with Twitter, at least for now. The 44-year-old has decided people are too “mean” on the social networking site after receiving backlash and “bullying” comments from her bikini photos.

Her Twitter account is still live, but she has not posted on it since April 9 when she officially told everyone she was out of there for a while. Just before that tweet, she hit back at those saying “mean” things about her telling them to try being photographed when they had absolutely no idea that it was happening.

The About a Boy actress was photographed while vacationing in Miami with her children. She donned a floral print bikini, and showed off her toned abs. There was nothing wrong with the photos, but they soon had people commenting about body image. She decided the negative comments were not worth her time, or the damage it was doing to her mentally.

It was a quick turnaround from an interview that was released just earlier that day. She told ABC News that she loved Twitter and just how great it was for gaining some control back. It is a way for many celebrities to answer questions that fans have quickly and easily. They can also handle the negativity that comes their way.

However, Driver has had enough of the negativity and the mean comments, and has decided that she is done with Twitter for now. She may come back at a later date, but she has not given a date. Previous tweets have been directed to friends and fans, and it seems to be a way to socialize when she is nowhere near her friends, so it will possibly not be for long.

Driver is not the first to decide to leave Twitter. Just recently Alec Baldwin decided it was time to leave the public light and shut down his 140-character networking account. He has also decided it is time to try to stay out of the public portal completely after a number of incidents.

In March 2012 there was a large number of celebrities leaving Twitter. Matt Lucas decided to leave due to a bad joke from a follower about Lucas’ late partner Kevin McGee. Ashton Kutcher decided to let his media team handle his profile instead of doing it himself due to being involved in a pedophilia scandal due to a comment.

Many celebrities have often used the “mean” comments as a reason for leaving the social media site. The bullying tactics seem to be on the rise too. Many everyday users are also choosing to leave social networking sites due to the amount of bullying and hateful comments that happen. However, others choose to block users instead to handle the negativity. This is much harder for celebrities to do, since there are so many people to block at any one time. There is also the ability to create new accounts to continue with the abuse.

Some celebrities just decide to take a hiatus instead of leaving for good. This is exactly the thing that Driver has decided to do, saying that she is done with Twitter just for now.

Opinion by Alexandria Ingham


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