YouTube Video Shares One Man’s Saturday for Three Months [VIDEO]

YouTubeA man has decided to share his Saturday morning for the last three months through a YouTube video. The dad of two shared just how his youngest daughter dancers around the house, while he checks his emails and drinks his coffee.

It could be the nightmare for many, but at least the four-year-old is behaving. Many people have commented on the video telling the dad that she is acting like that because she wants some attention from him.

Every Saturday, the US dad’s wife takes their elder daughter to dance classes. He is left for a couple of hours with the younger child, and she requests her own playlist so she can dance around the room. Some of the dancing has included climbing up on cabinets and jumping off the couch.

The dad, Tony, decided it was time to film the various tracks, her dancing and his facial expressions and place it all on YouTube. He maybe hoped that there would be plenty of other parents who know exactly how he feels. He has stated that at no point does his daughter annoy him. The annoyed expressions are more for amusement than anything else; very much like any other dad who has a four-year-old daughter dancing and singing along to her music.

The YouTube video sharing one man’s Saturday for three months has gathered a lot of negativity from many parents. They state that she should get off the computer and start spending more time with her, instead of spending the time on the computer.

However, at no point does Tony say that this is for hours at a time on the Saturday mornings. The video shows a few seconds of various mornings, rather than one whole Saturday morning. He states that it is usually while just checking his emails and generally trying to wake up. It is highly likely that after 15 minutes of so, the computer is closed down and he spends time with his daughter. He probably enjoys doing the things she loves to do, because he knows just how much quality time he is getting.

It seems the world has moved into a culture where everyone loves to criticize others because they think they would handle situations differently. However, most parents have a few minutes in the day where they spend the time alone with their children playing or dancing around them. This is especially the case first thing on a morning when parents are trying to wake up. It is just easier letting the children listen to their own music and get up to mischief for those 15 minutes. It does not make parents bad; just normal.

The daughter even looks like she is enjoying it. She is not pestering him, but trying to get him to join in now and then. Since he is filming it, he is putting on the grumpy faces for effect. Those clips last for a couple of seconds, and he probably turns the computer off afterward and joins in with her. Most parents will be able to empathize with this one man who shared his YouTube video of his Saturday mornings for three months.

Opinion by Alexandria Ingham


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