MTV Movie Awards and Mila Kunis Baby Bump

MTV Movie Awards and Mila Kunis Baby Bump

MTV Movie Awards and Mila Kunis Baby Bump
As un-entertaining as the MTV Movie Awards show was, it was nice to see that someone else noticed the lengths that the camera crew went to so that Mila Kunis’ baby bump was not visible to the audience at home. Wearing a simple black number, the 30 year-old Ted star came up from the crowd to collect her Best Villain Award for her portrayal as Theodora the Wicked Witch of the West in Oz The Great And Powerful.

Ashton Kutcher’s fiancee and rumored mother to his child. The actress, who first met and worked with her 36 year-old That ’70s Show co-star back in 1998 has been playing things pretty close to her vest. Rumor has it that the two did not get on very well back “in the day” on the show where they played an on-again-off-again couple.

The media has been following both Kutcher and Kunis since Ashton got dumped by his cougar wife Demi Moore, the 51 year-old former wife of Bruce Willis. The moment that Demi found at that Kutcher had been “eating out” instead of just window shopping while they were still married, she gave him the boot. Once the news of Demi and Ashton’s split, was made public, Kunis leapt to her new fella’s side.

Interestingly enough, Mila had been dating Home Alone star Macaulay Culkin since 2002 and they had an amicable split in 2011. Just over a year later, Kunis started dating Kutcher and they officially announced their engagement in February this year.

Pictures of the happy couple, together and with other family members, seem to show that Kunis was getting a bit…hefty, around the middle. Suddenly the Black Swan actress was sporting baggy tops, sweaters and, in the case of last night’s MTV Movie awards, a simple black dress that pretty much hid her increasing baby bump.

Of course the dress had help, the cameramen were obviously told that there should be no side-shots of Kunis as she approached the stage to collect her award. Each camera angle was from the front of the actress and at one point the operator started panning the camera to her left side when it abruptly moved right back to her front.

Even that “close call” showed that the thickening waistline was pretty apparent if only for a split second. The camera did still manage to show her bump from the front, but the combination of the dress and the camera angle made it almost seem like an illusion.

It doesn’t make a lot of sense for Mila, or the makers of the MTV Movie Awards, to hide the bump. Although, neither Kunis nor Kutcher have formally announced that they’ve got a little bundle of joy on the way. “Sources” have confirmed that Mila is in a family way, but the two actors have not said one word about a baby. However, despite the camera angles attempting to hide the bump, surely the audience members, as well as those sitting around Kunis, would have seen her increasingly full looking tummy.

The MTV Movie Awards show took special care to help Mila Kunis hide her growing baby bump, although they did nothing to hide the disturbingly smooth faced Conan O’Brien, the show’s host who, at 50 years-old, looked odd enough to be unsettling. Granted, the emcee of the award program looked quite trim, but the almost complete lack of lines anywhere on his face was just…wrong. Still, O’Brien’s lack of wrinkles aside, presumably Mila or Ashton will make the announcement when they’re good and ready and until then, the bump will remain “hidden.”

By Michael Smith


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