Naked Man in Walmart Was on Drugs [Video]


Naked Man in Walmart Was on Drugs

Every once in a while story comes along that is both a mixture of funny and sad. This is certainly one of those stories. The classic dream of finding oneself stripped of clothing and nude to the world has surely plagued millions for thousands of years. However, imagine being in those same circumstances, yet while awake. A sequence of events that took place this past week ended up being a real nightmare for one South Carolina resident. On Wednesday, April 16 a man by the name of Kevin Hughes, 36, strolled naked into a Walmart while admittedly high on drugs. The soft spoken Hughes, who doesn’t have the greatest recollection of the events that evening, claims embarrassment and now intends to “move” due to the media attention.

It must have been a shock for customers and employees of the Tega Cay Walmart, who probably never expected or hoped to see such a bizarre sight. Just before midnight on Wednesday, the doors slid open at this South Carolina Walmart and in walked a tall man wearing nothing but a pair of black tennis shoes. The naked Hughes was seen spending some time in the health and beauty section of the store when police were called. When authorities arrived on the scene, Hughes had migrated into the electronics section of the store. He was quickly escorted out. Although it has been reported that Hughes told police he was looking for clothes at the Walmart, he has since stated confusion over why he ended up there in the first place. The last thing he remembered before coming to at the store, was falling asleep at his sisters house.

In a recent interview, a clearly embarrassed and puzzled Hughes tried to piece together the events that caused the South Carolina man to end up naked in a Walmart, while high on drugs. He claims to have had drug issues in the past, yet had intended to take “ecstasy” that evening. According to Hughes, he feels he may have ended up with meth-amphetamines instead: “… and it really made me crazy.”

He seems to not have even known he was naked until once inside the store. It was when he received certain “looks” from others inside the Walmart, that Hughes began to realize the gravity of the situation. Now, Hughes claims to be “depressed” due to the media attention he has drawn. Unable to “face anybody” that he knows,  Hughes says he will have to relocate.

Interestingly enough, after the disoriented man, high on drugs, was removed from the  Walmart by police, a pair of shorts was discovered in the 36-year-old’s truck. At least Hughes, who says he was not in his “right mind” at the time, had something to wear to the police station. When asked about his thoughts on doing drugs again after such an ordeal, Hughes stated: “You can’t trust anything anymore.” During the interview, he apologized, saying that what had happened was not intentional. Hughes was charged with disorderly conduct and forced to spend the night in jail, before being released the following day.

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