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Infamous: Second Son, set in Seattle, Washington, is currently the number one trending game for the new Playstation 4 system. Tweets abound with stellar reviews and exciting screen shots depicting intense game play and awesome graphics. Many unique features and perks make this game a hot topic: everything from enhanced screen shots, called “photo mode,” to a free copy of the Infamous: Second Son Soundtrack for fans. The creators of Infamous, Sucker Punch Productions, have outdone themselves with this Playstation 4 installment of Infamous: Second Son; the game is a major hit for a very good reason.

The Infamous games have a recurring theme that acts as a foundation to build on for each story: the main character is an everyday person who happens into superpowers because he possessed a certain gene. The gamer playing the character gets to decide whether the character uses his powers for good or evil. Infamous: Second Son is based in Seattle, Washington and the game does Seattle justice with its depiction of the city and landscape. Many “photo mode” shots depict the main character, Delson Row, immersed in a beautiful landscape complete with Douglas fir trees and the iconic Seattle Space Needle.

The game has a very involved story, true to the Infamous legacy, forcing Delson into a world where super powers are controlled and stifled by the local government. As with any video game, the controller is what links gamer to character; how intense the controller allows this relationship to be is crucial. The Playstation 4 controller is vastly improved from earlier models, with more responsive joy sticks and animated buttons, helping Infamous: Second Son rise to its current “top hit games” position.

Customization abilities of Delson’s character are at an all time high in Second Son. Whereas in past Infamous games the character was not able to use all of his powers for much of the game, in this new installment Delson is free to use all of his powers at any time, allowing for a much more involved character experience for the gamer. The powers for Delson in Second Son are “easier to learn and much more expressive,” delivering a powerful and addictive gaming experience. Many tweets about the game express how excited players are to start the game over after the first completion. This is a massive accomplishment for any game, meaning the game play was exciting enough that the player feels a second attempt would be just as unique.

Second Son is the first Infamous game to have a mapped terrain of an actual city. Previous Infamous games, such as Infamous 2 that had a representation of New Orleans but not the actual city, have not had game play take place in an existing city. For Seattleites and tourists alike Second Son provides an exciting visual of many popular places of Seattle such as Pikes Place Market and the Ballard Bridge; not to mention the fantastic graphics provided by the Playstation 4 depict Seattle’s iconic rain and skyline with clarity and intensely realistic graphics.

Playstation has enhanced its 4th system in a very pleasing way. The controller allows the gamer to be much more involved with the characters and the graphics are absolutely stellar. Infamous: Second Son is a hit because it is a well-thought out and intensely involved life-like game; however, these characteristics are all brought to life and owe dues to the ingenuity and amazing capabilities of the Playstation 4 console itself.

Commentary by Courtney Heitter





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