NASA Captures the Mysterious Grace of the Sun [Video]


The Sun has always been the centre of mankind’s universe and manages to grab everyone’s imagination with each and every one of its outbursts, the response to latest video released by NASA being no exception. Expectedly, sixty five seconds of a graceful performance is all that it takes to keep every one of Sun’s diehard fans to ogle transfixed at its mysterious beauty.

The fact is that since the time mankind has built telescopes that were powerful enough to keep gazing at the sun, without fear and trepidation, no one has blinked once. Recorders from satellites launched into space keep snooping into each and every motion of the mighty Sun, reporting back even the slightest of vagaries in its movement. Counting the number of telescopes pointed in its direction, one may even wonder at times, whether today the Sun is watching over earth or the earth is watching over the sun.

NASA’s fascination towards the star attraction of this solar system never ceases to exist either. And when the sun decided to grace its ever-persistent spectators with a few of its mysterious moves yet again, the recorders shot all guns blazing. The entire dance in space was captured and released for public consumption by NASA, leaving yet another trail of awestruck legions of fans hungry for more.

The release showcased Sun’s dazzling flares emanating from its surface. Recorded by the nodal space agency’s flagship Solar Dynamics Observatory on a lucky Wednesday morning, the flare was carrying an intensity measured at a distinguished M6.5. The eruption which took place exactly at 10:05 a.m, Eastern Daylight Time, has been classified as a mid-level solar flare on a standard measurement.

Additionally, compared to the witnessed M-class eruption, the X-class flares are considered to be a ten times more powerful, with a potential to cause great harm on Earth. Thus, solar flares from this Wednesday pose no threat whatsoever to the residents of this planet.

However, the same cannot be said about the communication systems which has become an indispensable necessity to keep this planet running. Intense solar flares could spell bad news since it is able to penetrate to the critical atmospheric level which acts as a carrier of earth’s communication signals. Even GPS signals are transferred at the same atmospheric level and could find itself cut off due to the effects of the solar flare.

However, as announced by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), the federal agency responsible for observation of the oceans and the atmosphere, the solar flares would cause only a limited stoppage of HF radio communications. The effect is said to last only for tens of a minutes and many would not even realize the ensuing disruption.

The recently released video which is currently trending around on internet continues to be shared and re-shared multiple times and would continue to do so for some time. One can only be grateful to NASA for releasing the video to the general public, who would thank their stars for an opportunity to witness the graceful beauty of the Sun at its best.

By Daris Abraham

The Register
Science Recorder
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