Naughty Dog and Dark Horse Comics Teaming up for Gaming Art Book

Naughty Dog and Dark Horse 30 year anniversary artbook

Remember Crash Bandicoot? How about Jak and Daxter? Maybe you have been playing more recent games like The Last of Us. If any of these titles are games that you’ve enjoyed then you will be happy to hear that the video game developer that is responsible for all of these games (and many more) is none other than Naughty Dog and they will be teaming up with the infamous Dark Horse Comics for a 30 year anniversary art book.

Naughty Dog and Dark Horse 30 year anniversary artbook

What most don’t know is that Naughty Dog was founded under a different name originally. In 1984 when Jason Rubin and Andrew Gavin came together to create a company they decided to call it JAM Software. For those wondering, that stands for Jason and Andy Magic. However, the name would change five years later to a name many of us associate with excellent PlayStation exclusives; Naughty Dog, Inc.

30 years after the creation of Naughty Dog, we find ourselves in a rare celebratory event. What kind of event does Naughty Dog have planned? They intend to collaborate with Dark Horse Comics to create an art book featuring exclusively never-before-released art. This book will offer a deeper look into the past of Naughty Dog, as well as a glimpse into what their future holds. As a thank you to the dedication of the fans, this book will also feature a chapter of solely fan art.

Naughty Dog Old Logo
They never should have changed this logo

Honestly, this art book sounds like a lot of fun. Have you enjoyed Crash Bandicoot or Jak and Daxter? You may be surprised at some of the earlier renditions of characters. Naughty Dog has always managed to stay visually distinct. Even less cartoony games like Uncharted, had landscapes and environments are nothing less than stunning. The unreleased art in this book may also give a deeper look into the aspects of these games, which means that gamers will see these games more as they were envisioned by the creators.

What art can you expect to see in this upcoming book? Nothing is for certain, but it is highly likely their Uncharted, Jak and Daxter, and Crash Bandicoot series will be explored. It needs to be noted that Naughty Dog worked on the first three Crash Bandicoot games (and Crash Team Racing). After that, Crash Bandicoot exchanged hands more than half a dozen times and currently belongs to High Impact Games.

Original Crash Bandicoot Concept Art

Can you believe that it has been 30 years since Naughty Dog was first created? The company has seen a number of changes over the years, but they’ve continued to deliver on excellent games. It is reassuring to see such a loved game company thrive for so long. Currently no date has been announced for this artbook collaboration with Dark Horse Comics. If Naughty Dog decides to celebrate in any other ways (such as discounted games) that information will likely come coupled with the release date of this 30 year anniversary art book.


By Garrett Jutte
Dark Horse
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