Necessary Evil by Ian Tregillis: The Three Copy Book Giveaway

Necessary Evil by Ian Tregillis Book #3 of the Milkweed Triptych (Book Giveaway)

Necessary Evil by Ian Tregillis: The Three Copy Book Giveaway is here, and it’s a Must Read conclusion to Ian’s Milkweed Triptych series, especially for fans of the first two books in the series, Bitter Seeds and The Coldest War! It’s  a fast-paced, exciting read, a time-traveling science fiction novel featuring one of Britain’s “best spies,” Raybould Marsh. You can read my review of it here.

Marsh, now with a badly burned and scarred face, which can’t be hidden entirely by the beard he’s grown, must travel back into time and try to stop the Eidolons, elder gods who hate humans and want to destroy them. He must also try to foil the schemes of Gretel and her brother, Klaus, both products of the mad experiments of a Nazi scientist bent on creating people with extraordinary, super human abilities, like foretelling the future and passing through walls, like a ghost. Necessary Evil: The Three Copy Book Giveaway

Marsh must try to find a new timeline, or alter an existing one, so that these two things are accomplished, and he must also prevent Britain from falling to the Nazis. He also would like to ensure that his infant daughter, Agnes, doesn’t get killed by the Eidolons, and that his son doesn’t become a tool of theirs, his identity gone, his mind taken over.

To even come close to accomplishing all of this, Marsh finds that he must do things that he hates, and that he is loathe to do — necessary evils. These included chopping off the finger of a friend and fellow spy with a pair of garden shears, clocking the same person with a briefcase, knocking him out briefly; and, cooperating with Gretel and her brother in aiding their escape from London.

The mad seer, Gretel, has examined every existing timeline, and has figured out every potential aspect and nuance of them. In every one, the Eidolons end up eventually taking over the world and destroying the entire human race. However, she has a plan, a plan that involves creating an entirely new timeline, in which she lives to be over 90 years old.

However, Gretel doesn’t care in the least that most of humanity will die, as long as she gets to live. Gretel is the person most responsible, also, Marsh feels, for the events that lead up to Agnes dying, his marriage breaking up, and his son’s mind being taken over by the Eidolons. Marsh hates the idea of helping Gretel in any way, but, if he doesn’t, the Eidolons might destroy humanity even earlier.

How can you win a copy of Necessary Evil in this Book Giveaway?

Necessary Evil by Ian Tregillis is a satisfying conclusion to the Milkweed Triptych. It’s got a surprising, thrilling conclusion, and, guess what? A copy of it can be yours in this Necessary Evil Book Giveaway, if you’re a resident of the US. or Canada and are 18 or older!

You can be the winner of one of three copies of Necessary Evil courtesy of the fantastic people at Tor (Tor/Forge), the publishers of the Milkweed Triptych series and many other excellent books — all you have to do to have the chance to win a copy of Necessary Evil in this Book Giveaway is leave a comment below, with your name and mention the state or Canadian province you live in, and your email address, so I can get in touch with you if you’re randomly selected as one of the winners.

Also, please don’t leave Spam in your comments, as this could disqualify your entry. The Necessary Evil Book Giveaway will last from now until Sunday, April 27, at MIDNIGHT Central Time (CT)! Good luck!

Written by: Douglas Cobb

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