Harry Reid Tries to Stifle Freedoms at Bundy Ranch

Harry ReidCliven Bundy spoke out today against Harry Reid’s threat that the standoff is not over. Harry Reid apparently has ties to the BLM, Neil Kornze, who served as a policy adviser to Reid on public land issues, have made their presence known in the current situation. Harry Reid is trying his best to stifle the freedoms of the people involved in the Bundy ranch.

This story gained traction after the BLM rounded up the Bundy cattle in place of unpaid grazing fees. The story took a turn when the Bundy family didn’t just lay down and allow the government to run them over. Other citizens began to show up in protest of the BLM taking the cattle. After America watched as federal agents had used non-lethal force, “tazing” an individual in the protest, the pressure to deal with the situation had the agents returning the cattle before it got out of hand.

ReidBundy stated on Hannity that he would resist any federal government raid but would surrender to the county sheriff if necessary. The claim as to why the federal government is involved is a little confusing. The original cause for their involvement was over an endangered species of turtle. Of course it was found out that there was land utilized by Google so the turtle thing did not fly real well with Americans. It came down to money at that point in the minds of citizens; who has the money, gets the land, at least to use.

Later it came out that Bundy owed the government nearly $1 million in back taxes. Mr. Bundy stated that he had not received any indication in over twenty years that he owed any taxes.

Harry Reid has made his presence in this story for reasons that seem a bit suspect. There is speculation as to why, but nothing concrete for the moment. Reid was asked by Kim Kollman, a former teacher at Truckee Meadows Community College, if he was in agreement to forcibly remove Bundy from his property to utilize the land for solar energy that would be brought to Southern Nevada. Reid avoided answering the question, taking a swipe at Kollman, who was asked to be seated by an organizer.

ReidThis story has become more than just a battle over grazing rights and taxes. This has become a battle of wills between the average American citizen and the government, a David and Goliath story in the making. Most people who support Bundy are not interested in anything other than a peaceful resolution. It appears that the aggressor in this situation is the federal government. In light of the IRS scandal, it is becoming clearer that the government will push their weight around to the average hard working American who cannot defend themselves and pressure them to conform to whatever is in their interest at the time. With the weight of the government sitting on the average citizen, it is refreshing to see someone stand up and say no to the government. In a situation like this, it is hard not to root for the little guy.

The thing that should be understood is that most citizens are beginning to feel like the Bundy family, wondering how America has gotten to a point were politics and politicians tell the citizens how to live, seemingly forgetting, they work for those citizens. Freedom is being stifled and Harry Reid is right in the middle of the controversy at the Bundy Ranch. Reid may be playing with his political career if he pushes the Nevada constituents to hard. They could very well vote him out.

Opinion by Jabar Morarend

Reno Gazette
Fox News

3 Responses to "Harry Reid Tries to Stifle Freedoms at Bundy Ranch"

  1. Glenn Kramer   April 21, 2014 at 12:53 am

    Bundy getting something for nothing? The Bundy family has been raising castle on this land since 1887. Before the BLM Was even thought up by politicians. The now endangered dessert tortoise is being euthanized by the BLM. They are being slaughtered to “protect” the species? The cattle thin the foliage in the tinderbox desert landscape, reducing the extreme danger of wildfire, while leaving an ample food supply at a tortoise’s height for an endangered species to feed on. The cattle fertilize this land, and the Bundy’s care for the livestock. If Reid wasn’t attempting to profit from a landsale to China through cronyism, the true story of the Bundy family would be one of a hard working family protecting a fragile environment.

  2. JackBurton   April 16, 2014 at 9:46 am

    Um pretty sure the guy kicking the police dog deserved to be tased. Also the ones escalating the situation were the non-bundies showing up with guns threatening the federal agents. You don’t get to pick and choose which laws you want to follow. Bundy himself says he doesn’t recognize the federal government at all. Yeah, he sounds like a level headed individual. He was getting something for nothing, isn’t that what conservatives call a mooch?

    • Jabar Morarend   April 16, 2014 at 4:56 pm

      You are right, we don’t get to choose the laws we follow. He was not in the right but the way everything played it it became about more than just the actual issue. Thanks for you comment Mr. Burton.

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