New York Mets Should Make Jerry Seinfeld General Manager

New York MetsThe New York Mets decided to trade a struggling Ike Davis yesterday for what Met fans in Queens have to be saying “Eh…” about. It is, unfortunately, expected with this organization being run close to the worst in the league in terms of teams with as strong a fan base and as much money as the Mets. One of the Mets’ biggest fans is comedian Jerry Seinfeld. He famously had Keith Hernandez on this hit show ‘Seinfeld’ where the character Kramer accused Hernandez of spitting on him and his Buddy Newman. This was a classic episode for “Seinfeld’ fans, for sure, and also Mets fans and New Yorkers. It was announced that on July 5 the Mets A minor league team in Brooklyn will have a ‘Seinfeld’ night, celebrating the 25th Anniversary of the iconic show. It just so happens that the Mets front office makes one of those head scratching moves for Mets fans at the same time. They are not scratching their heads because of what was sent away. They are scratching their heads because of what was gotten in return. The colliding of these two events have to have New York Mets Fans praying, on this Easter weekend, that the Wilpon’s make Jerry Seinfeld General Manager of the New York Mets.

There are probably get more people who would pay to show up at  CitiField who want the Wilpon’s to sell the team than people who pay to see these Mets play now. The Wilpon’s selling the team doesn’t seem likely, though. Fred Wilpon has made CitiField into a cozy brick faced replica of adeptly acquired blueprints of Ebbet’s feild in Brooklyn where he grew up. The end result is a more fan-friendly and warmer place than their cousins and The Bronx play in. For this Wilpon can feel really good and be commended

Outside of the main gates of CitiField is the old Big Red Apple that Darryl Strawberry used to make work a lot because it came out of a hat in center field every time a home-run was hit. Once inside , there is a beautiful tribute to Jackie Robinson and his number 42 . Robinson is a hero of the Brooklyn born Wilpon and this was a non-negotiable part of the original design. As well as the front facade which Fred had to correct the architects on in the beginning. As told to Toobin , the architects showed up at the site on the first day and made the big mistake of telling Wilpon what they were going to do. Wilpon stopped them and told them exactly what he wanted. The result was that there were a lot of Dodger references as you first walk in to see the Mets. The long-suffering and very frustrated Met fan will see this as a metaphor for most of their moves in the last 10-15 years.

It is a short look back into New York Mets’ history to find evidence of their moves benefiting other teams .The most glaring and expensive decision has to do with the Jose Reyes debacle. Him not getting a matching offer from the Mets seemed akin the Yankees not matching an offer made to Derek Jeter when he first became a free agent ,which didn’t happen because the Yankees knew better.

Did they not match the offer out of spite because Reyes did not want to negotiate during the season? Or, did they not match the offer because the Wilpon’s were tied up in the Bernie Madaoff scandal and were preparing to lose a good size of their fortune? Met’s fans will probably never know and its in the past just like Joses Reyes said the first time he returned to CitiField in a Marlin’s uniform , playing against the team that acquired him as a teenager. At that point, for sure , Mets fans were calling for ANYONE to take the team. It really could not get any worse. Why not make Jerry Seinfeld the general manager of the Mets? It seemed like a tragic comedy sitcom taping at CitiField. The reason more hay wasn’t raised for GM Sandy Alserson’s head is because the Met Faithful had been numbed by the Scott Kazmir debacle in 2008 which turned out to be a microcosm of met moves in the 21 century. Then General Manager Jim Duquette traded away Kazmir for Victor Zambrano who did nothing for the club while Scott Kazmir led the Tampa Bay Devil Rays to th American League pennant.

This is a syndrome well-known to all New York Sports Fans of every sport.  Yankee and Met fans experience this more often than all the other New York sports teams. This pressure cooker syndrome manifest itself in the form of a blossoming player who did nothing in New York for whatever reason , but most times because of the pressure, and comes out of their shell once they leave. It is sort of expected at Yankee Stadium because of the pressure cooker that it is being an employee of the Steinbrenners. The Mets experienced this because they are in New York and being a new York Sports team has inherent pressures. But even Wilpon’s had to see that move was a blow to the solar plexus and indicative of Duquettes trade theory and he needed to go.

Ike Davis hit 32 homers in 2012 after coming back from an ankle injury. The next year Lucas Duda showed power by belting 15 homers and finishing with a higher average than Davis. Duda is their man and that can’t be argued by the most ardent Met fan. What can be argued is that it’s the third week of the season and they get  a player to be named later, which rarely is a good sign, and Zach Thornton who can throw but in a sports city like New York with an eager and loyal fan base like the Mets,  in a market like the Mes the move falls flat.

The New York Mets Should Make Jerry Seinfeld General manager mainly because it could not get any worse for them, but the chances are it would get a little better at least as far as fans in the seats, for sure , but more importantly for Mets Fans, they can be sure that the man who has created some of the most intricate yet simple but classic comedy in America will be more creative and more emotionally invested than what the current and past general managers of the Mets have shown.

by Daryl McElveen



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