Prince Making a Comeback With New Deal and New Single

PrincePrince, 55,  is making a comeback and has obviously made nice with Warner Bros. Records, because he has signed a new deal with the label, and released a surprise new single as well. Purple Rain is nearing its 30th anniversary, and the release of a remastered deluxe version of the album will be the first result of the renewed partnership.

The deal that Prince made with the record label gave him ownership of all of his music recorded and issued by Warner Bros. This time period is from 1978 through the 1990s, when he released hit songs like Kiss, I Feel for You, Diamonds and Pearls, and Purple Rain. His final album with the record label was released in 1996.  A press release regarding the deal also mentioned the release of music that was never heard by fans.

The past clash between Prince and Warner Bros. is no big secret. He protested the label by writing “slave” on his face and changing his name to an unpronounceable symbol. These earlier issues with the company have obviously been remedied with the signing of the new deal. In a statement Prince said that he is “pleased” with the negotiation results, and is anticipating a rewarding relationship. Warner Bros. said in a press release that the new partnership will potentially open a “veritable gold mine” for Prince fans around the world.

With the new deal and a new single, the signs that Prince is making a comeback are clear, but these are also signs of exciting new music coming to his fans. He said in a press release “A brand-new studio album is on the way.” It is unclear whether this album is the same album that he is said to release with his new band 3rd Eye Girl, by independent company Kobalt Music Group, or another one that he will record with Warner Bros. The new album with 3rd Eye Girl is called Plectrumelectrum, which Prince has been mentioning the release of, for the past few months. In February, he previewed the album in New York City during an event. The songs included Pretzelbodylogic, Skrewdriver, and Funk N Roll.

Prince has been hard at work. He released a new single on Saturday, called The Breakdown. In March, Prince made reference to the song during an Arsenio Hall interview. It begins with a  falsetto, and the warning to listeners that “this could be the saddest story ever told.” He also explained to Hall why it takes so long for albums to come out now days. “We have to wait until we have songs that go together with our favorites,” Prince revealed. On the bright side though, since there is no contract “there’s no rush” he said. The singer also recently starred on an episode of New Girl on Fox. He debuted a song with actress Zooey Deschanel, called Fallinlove2nite.

Prince also gained some ground on another front this month. He now has control of his publishing rights.  These rights cover songwriting.

Prince fans are sure to be salivating in anticipation, with the potential of his new deal, the prospect of new singles, and a comeback in the making, there is plenty to look forward to. Not to mention, they will be getting a newly polished version of an endless amount of songs that have been locked away in the Prince vault for years and years.

Opinion by Twanna Harps

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