Notre Dame and Georgia Future Football Series

Notre DameGeorgia and Notre Dame are two programs that have each had their share of success in the college football world. Now, it looks like these two schools might be going head-to-head. Notre Dame and Georgia have discussed a possible football series in the fairly near future.

The series would likely consist of a home game for each team and would probably take place starting around 2018. It does not appear that anything is set in stone as of yet, but it would probably be in the interests of both schools to make an agreement like this happen.

Notre Dame is in a fairly interesting position, since it is not officially a part of any conference (in football), though it does have an association with the ACC. As per their ACC agreement, they must play five games against Atlantic Coast Conference foes each year.

In addition, Notre Dame has its traditional rivalries against schools like Southern California and Navy. Added with the ACC teams, this does not leave a whole lot of room on Notre Dame’s schedule. The school will likely have to prioritize in terms of what teams it wants to have on future schedules.

A future NCAA football series between Georgia and Notre Dame would likely be a win for both teams. For Georgia, it is a chance to show that the SEC is the premier league in the NCAA. While Notre Dame has certainly had its share of ups and downs the past few years, the talent that the school brings in is high, and the Irish would be a quality non-conference opponent. In addition, Notre Dame is, rightly or wrongly, a very highly publicized program, so having such a team on the schedule cannot hurt the Bulldogs from a recruiting standpoint. There is, after all, a pretty decent chance that such a game would get quite a lot of national attention.

For Notre Dame, there is the chance to show that it can compete with a strong SEC program on the field, rather than simply on the recruiting trail. Although it took a hit this past season, the SEC is often regarded as the top conference in college football, so if Notre Dame wants to prove that it belongs among the nations elite, defeating a program like Georgia would be a step in the right direction. Perception matters in college football.

Mark Richt has had solid success at Georgia. The Bulldogs have won ten or more games in eight of Richt’s 13 seasons as the head man at Georgia. The Bulldogs have also one the Sugar Bowl twice under Richt. In 2012, his team came very close to playing Notre Dame for a national championship.

Brian Kelly has had somewhat mixed results at Notre Dame. Although the Irish did play for a national title in 2012, the team did not win more than nine games in any of Kelly’s other three seasons. Kelly’s bowl record stands at 2-2 at Notre Dame.

It would be interesting to see Notre Dame and Georgia play a football series sometime in the near future. Both teams have had past success and both have been contenders recently. Both teams are also looking to prove that they belong among the nation’s elite. It seems that there will be something to look forward to in 2018.

Commentary By Zach Kirkman
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