Novak Djokovic Will Play Madrid as arm Injury Looks Better Than Expected

DjokovicNovak Djokovic, after losing to Federer in Monte Carlo, reported that an injured wrist would keep him out of the game until further notice. Recently however, it appears that good news from the “white coats” has the Serb planning on a quick return to play in Madrid as planned. So, as long as there are no last minute surprises,¬†Novak Djokovic will prepare for Madrid as his arm injury looks to be better than expected.

The world no. 2 was on an amazing tear of Masters finals victories before running to the Swiss maestro in Monte Carlo. Playing with a heavily bandaged arm, Djokovic struggled to keep up with Federer in extended baseline rallies. The former world no. 1 did not look his usual self, and the maestro was looking especially sharp.

The combination of playing below par, and playing an opponent in Federer who was looking razor sharp, proved too much to overcome. Federer dispatched Djokovic in straight sets in a match that certainly did not live up to expectations of a thriller. The two played an absolute classic of a clay court match in the 2011 Roland Garros French Open. Djokovic had just had a breakout year, in which he seemed to be simply untouchable. Federer was also playing well, but was certainly on the comeback road and trying to find the rich form he once produced effortlessly. In what turned out to be cone of the greatest clashes the two have had to date, Federer overcame the Serb in four amazing sets full of rallies and shots for the highlight reels.

The Monte Carlo semi finals however, failed to come close to the level of play produced by the two in the 2011 Roland Garros clash. In the end, some of the blame was place on an arm injury that Djokovic initially reported would keep him out and resting until further notice. With a recent news update however, it’s being reported by the Djokovic camp that the world no. 2 will resume his clay court campaign at Madrid, and will stay on the originally planned schedule from there on out. While this may cast some doubt on exactly how influential the injury was in the Federer loss, Djokovic certainly did not appear to be himself throughout the Monte Carlo semi-final. Regardless of why he lost, Djokovic fans and tennis lovers everywhere will be happy to see the Serb get back onto the court as soon as possible.

As it stands at present, Novak Djokovic will prepare for a return in Madrid as his arm injury looks much better than expected. Tennis fans, along with tournament organizers are sure to be happy about the recently reported news. The Serbian slugger is gearing up once again to chase the one title that has so far eluded his grasp: The French Open trophy at Roland Garros. Although he came close to beating Rafael Nadal at the French, the Serb fell in five sets to the King of Clay and his hopes fell with him.

This is however a new year, and Djokovic has been on a title snatching spree throughout the hard court season. Though he couldn’t defend his clay title in Monte Carlo, Novak did make it to the semi’s still without having reached his 2011 form. The next few tournaments will determine what the chances are that the world no. 2 can snatch the one title yet to fill his trophy case: Roland Garros’ French Open. The ATP, tournament organizers, and tennis fans worldwide are eagerly awaiting the return of Novak Djokovic to the clay court season, and as of now the news looks good.

By Daniel Worku


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