Oasis Reunion in the Works?

Oasis Liam Noel GallagherWhen Liam Gallagher took to Twitter on Thursday posting six one-letter tweets and then a seventh that fully spelled out the word “Oasis” followed by LG, his initials, he raised some eyebrows and got fans worldwide buzzing with excitement. Now, the burning question on everyone’s mind is could an Oasis reunion be in the works?

Oasis, an English rock band originally formed in 1991 disbanded in 2009 when bickering brothers Liam and Noel Gallagher could do nothing but fight. At that time, Noel said he simply could not continue to work with his brother, not even for another day, and just like that, Oasis was done and over with. However, both brothers still wanted to stay in the music business, they just did not want to do it together, so Noel went on to record a solo album and Liam formed the group Beady Eye with two other ex-Oasis band members, Andy Bell and Gem Archer.

Following Liam’s string of tweets on Thursday, thousands upon thousands of Oasis fans around the world retweeted his posts hoping against all odds that there was indeed an Oasis reunion in the works, and with the Glastonbury Festival just around the corner, everyone is holding their breath and keeping their fingers crossed that they will headline.

While Oasis fans would love nothing more than for their favorite band to make sweet music once again, it may be something that simply never comes to pass. Glastonbury organizer, Emily Eavis could not say whether Oasis was working on a reunion, but she did say that the band is definitely not playing at the festival this year.

Liam may be toying with the notion of getting the band back together; however, sources close to Noel said it simply is not going to happen. In fact, after hearing about Liam’s tweets, Noel’s friend Andy Goldstein, radio host and TV presenter reached out to ask him if there was any truth to the possibility that Oasis may have a reunion. The answer he received was blunt, to the point, and left no doubt about where he stood on the issue. Noel said, “There’s more chance of me and my ex-wife getting back together,” than Oasis getting back together – “so no.”

This is not the first time Noel has been adamant about there being no chance that the band will get back together. Last November, when asked if there would be an Oasis reunion, he said there was no band, he would not be getting involved, and if there ever were a reunion, he would not be in it.

It is obvious where Noel stands on the issue; however, it is unknown what Liam’s intention was when he composed the set of cryptic tweets. Could it be that he was simply toying with everyone, having a moment of reflection and wishful thinking, or maybe he is actually trying to negotiate a reunion with his former band members. While it would be great if an Oasis reunion is in the works, only time will tell if brothers Liam and Noel can put their differences aside, end their feud, and just focus on the music.

Opinion By Donna W. Martin


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