‘Orange is the New Black’ Season Two Trailer Released (Video)

orange is the new blackOrange is the New Black, the Netflix original dark dramedy about a woman doing time in prison for being a drug mule, released its season two trailer today, and it looks like things are going to be kicked up a notch when the show returns in June. The story follows the life of Piper Chapman, a young woman who seemed to have it all, but her shady past catches up with her, and she is forced to do time in Litchfield Women’s Prison. Chapman must leave behind her fiance and is forced to confess her past as a lesbian drug mule working for her lover, Alex Vause, who she is reunited with in Litchfield, which makes for some pretty interesting drama.

The overall tone of Orange is the New Black  is dark and gritty, but there are plenty of comedic moments mercifully sprinkled throughout each episode, helping to lighten things up a bit. Fans will be delighted to see that many members of the original cast are returning to the show, and a few new characters have been developed that are sure to push the envelope of this edgy, slightly risqué series even further.

One such character will be a new rival for fan favorite, Red, played by Kate Mulgrew, who appears to be a threat to her reign as head of the prison kitchen. From the look of the recently released season two trailer of Orange is the New Black it appears that Piper’s time behind bars is starting to creep into her soul a bit, turning her a little more pessimistic and dark than she was in the first season, which makes one wonder what toll the events coming up will have on her character and her relationships inside and outside the prison. Chapman is becoming more acclimated to life inside, stating in the trailer that it is starting to feel like home.

The show tackles a lot of great subject matter, plumbing the depths of the emotional and psychological turmoil that being denied freedom has on a person. A lot of time is spent through each episode getting to know the individual back stories of every character in the show, which enables viewers to get a deeper understanding of why they do what they do and say what they say. This careful attention to character development, with the events of the back story being revealed gradually, is what hooks the audience in and inevitably leads to binge watching the entire season in a matter of hours.

Netflix has proven that they are a true powerhouse when it comes to producing high quality, original entertainment. With programs like House of Cards, Arrested Development, and Orange is the New Black, it is safe to say that the online streaming giant has forever changed the way film and television is produced and how it is delivered to its audience. Fans will be able to consume the 13 new episodes of Orange is the New Black season two on June 6, but until they are released, viewers can pass the time by checking out the new trailer.

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