Paracas Elongated Skulls New DNA Tests Reveal Shocking Information

Paracas Elongated Skulls New DNA Tests Reveal Shocking Information

A new test performed on the Paracas Elongated Skulls has shown some shocking information about their DNA. Paracas, Peru is located in the Inca Region on the southern coast of the country and it is home to ground breaking discoveries such as the one back in 1928 by Julio Tello where a colossal graveyard was discovered that containing many tombs that were filled up with the remnants of individuals who had strange elongated skulls. Those bones are now known as the famed Paracas Skulls.

The new DNA examination performed on some of the three thousand year old skulls revealed shocking information that they might not have even come from known human beings at all but instead from a totally new human or possibly even alien species, explained one of the Paracas Museum subordinate directors, Brian Foerster.

Foerster, who has a touring agency as well in Peru and has penned nearly a dozen books on prehistoric history, explained that he found a geneticist that tested and also verified numerous different skull sections and discovered that the skulls have some sort of modified DNA which fails to match up with any identified genetic DNA material in GenBank. That is an open categorization database which contains every single piece of all recognized genetic records in the entire world.

The anonymous geneticist explained to Foerster that the DNA had mitochondrial DNA with various types of mutations that were totally unfamiliar in any primate, human or otherwise known to date. But if a couple of the fragments he was able to gather DNA sequencing from the sample actually show that these transformations they are dealing with is some sort of a new humanoid creature, it will be extremely distant from Neanderthals, Homo sapiens and Denisovans. In fact it is not known if it will even be able to fit on the evolutionary tree as it is known at the present.

However Foerster explains that the geneticist who stated all this, does hired work for the United States Government from time to time. He explained the geneticist wants to go public with his amazing findings but not just yet. Before he does so, he wants to be absolutely sure all the tests come back with his theory proven conclusively.

It has always been believed that the skulls were an elongated shaped due to some sort of cranial malformation, where the heads were forced to be flattened out so they would grow in the odd shapes, but Foerster does not think so with the skulls of Paracas.

He says that from doctors he has talked to, they have told him it is possible to change the shape of a skull but not increase the size. A skull is genetically programmed to already have a specific volume and that cannot be changed.

There are still a lot of tests to be done to verify what the skulls DNA is, but genetic studies cost much money. With the aid of attracted individuals over the past two years, Foerster has been able to raise nearly $7,100 in order to begin the first of the DNA testing, but a complete genome examination to authenticate the theory would cost over $100,000, so he is hopeful that other geneticists might be willing to donate both their time and equipment for the goodness of all humanity.

He states that he just wants to find out who these people really were. He knows that the findings from this will be enormous, no matter what the final results turn out to be. Paracas, Peru may end up being home to a species of humanoid that does not even fit on the evolutionary tree as it is now known. All because of the bones known as the famed Paracas Skulls.

By Kimberly Ruble


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  1. Jillian   March 9, 2015 at 4:14 am

    50 years ago as a child at school, when being taught about the Egyptian Pyramids, we were told of the Pharaohs with elongated heads. We were taught that their heads were that shape from binding them. I never believed that rubbish then, as it never made any sense for the obvious expansive volume in size, for their brain capacity.
    Tutankhamun appears to be the last of the pharaohs with an elongated head.
    I have always been interested in knowing the truth as to the reason for elongated heads.
    Humans maintain that they are the most intelligent being on earth due to brain size and body weight. Maybe some people are just afraid to know the truth.


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