Paul Simon and Edie Brickell Arrested: Is It ‘Much Less Than Nothing?’


Paul Simon Edie Brickell

Reports of a Saturday night arrest for married singers Paul Simon, 72, and Edie Brickell, 47, have been released, and according to the entertainers’ lawyer, the incident leading to the charges was “much less than nothing.” This past Saturday, April 26, at 8:20 p.m., in New Canaan, Connecticut, police officers responded to a hang up that came through the emergency hotline. The home happened to be the residence of Simon and Brickell, who were both found guilty enough to be arrested with charges of disorderly conduct. The initial call was said to be placed in reaction to a “family dispute.”

Someone inside the musicians’ house hung up after dialing 911, but the local police arrived on the scene regardless to investigate the call. Upon entry into the home and surveying the situation, officers discovered one of the parties suffering from minor injuries, but did not disclaim which entertainer was wounded. Above and beyond the injuries, officers found enough evidence to arrest both Simon and Brickell, slapping them each with disorderly conduct charges.

After both husband and wife were given misdemeanor summons, one of the partners acquiesced and agreed to remove themselves from the premises, and they went to another location, police chief Leon Krolikowski said at a news conference Monday. Krolikowski also stated that both parties were victims in the matter, and there was aggressive behavior on both sides. He added that because there was children involved, authorities were handling the situation cautiously.

According to NBC Connecticut, a staff member from the police department said “some sort of a domestic violence charge” had occurred at the residence, approximately 40 miles from New York City. However, no other details regarding the incident were shared or confirmed.

Simon and Brickell have been married for 22 years and are the parents to three children–Adrian, Lulu and Gabriel. This recent encounter is the first dispute reported to authorities since the two have been together; they have otherwise conducted themselves as a rather un-rattled couple in the headlines. Although the arrest may be “much less than nothing,” it still needed to be investigated by the authorities, and the spouses are being held accountable for their undesirable actions towards one another.

The married singers are both well-known as chart-topping singer-songwriters. Simon, once half of the legendary Simon & Garfunkel, has had numerous number one hits as a solo artist, including numbers such as Diamonds on the Soles of Her Shoes and You Can Call Me Al. The performer is also a 12-time Grammy winner. In addition, he is a member of both The Songwriters Hall of Fame and the Rock ‘n Roll Hall of Fame. Brickell’s most recognizable hit was her top ten Billboard Top 100 song What I am, which she recorded with her band, The New Bohemians, in 1988.

An arraignment was scheduled for today, Monday, April 26, in Norwalk. In a statement from their attorney, Lawyer Allan Cramer, he said the two have always gotten along fine and this is the first time a problem such as this has occurred, reiterating again that the incident that led up to Simon and Brickell’s arrest was really “much less than nothing.” Cramer will be representing each of the married singers at the arraignment.

By Stacy Feder


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