Peaches Geldof Dies Age 25

Peaches GeldofPeaches Geldof has died at the age of 25. Reports do not yet have any details of how it has happened, and it is reported as sudden and unexplained.

The second daughter of Bob Geldof leaves two sons and her husband behind, Thomas Cohen, behind. Cohen has stated that her sons will be raised with her in their hearts, and is distressed at the turn of events.

The 25-year-old left home at 16, and went on to make a name for herself in her own right rather than be in the shadow of her father. She has written for UK newspapers including The Telegraph and presented on TV shows including OMG! She has also spent time discussing parenting techniques, and went head-to-head with Katie Hopkins on This Morning.

It almost seems like history repeating itself for Geldof’s sons. She lost her mother when she was young, and now they are going to grow up without a mother. Paula Yates died of a drugs overdose when the 25-year-old was just 11-years-old. There are questions whether the writer and presenter has died of an overdose, but she always stated that she was “never that wild,” although had experimented with them when she was young.

It is a shock to many to hear that Geldof has died at the age of 25. The family is grieving, and the news will be updated as there is more to share.

By Alexandria Ingham


BBC News

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