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No matter how technology evolves nothing can ever prepare consumers for the next big trend. In Europe, that the next big trend is Peppr an app designed for the booking of erotic entertainment. Erotic entertainment is just a specialized way of saying prostitutes. This Berlin-based company was launched on April 1st, with the intentions of revolutionizing the image of sex work. This application is configured like a dating site with many different filters. The filters ensure that potential customers can select everything according to preference.

The co-owner recalls how she came up with the idea in an interview with a German newspaper. Pia Poppenreither says she was walking through the red light district in Oranienburger Strasse, and whiteness prostitutes outside in the cold. Then she had an epiphany thinking to herself why is there not an app for that. It is Poppenreither’s belief that waiting outside is not efficient.

Male and female prostitutes download the app and upload pictures, answer some general questions, and do a phone interview. Note that Poppenreither has emphasized that they have to approve each member. The phone interview is held with the purpose of approving the member and, determining if the prostitution is voluntary. Europe has a high percentage of sex trafficking and it has become an ongoing problem. The numbers are staggering there is approximately 23,000 being trafficked as of 2013. Peppr is taking the initiative to ensure the real intentions of each prospect, but they do recognize they can never know for sure.

Recent studies done by The E.U. revealed that human trafficking has increased 18 percent, while the number of convictions fell by 13 percent between 2008 -2010. These are the numbers that create a need to safeguard ones self if they so choose to delve into the sex industry. This app allows for the prostitute to formally meet their client beforehand and say yes or no. If they elect to move forward the app allows for them to book a date and confirm. These various transactions safeguard the prostitutes, by enabling them to prepare for their clients.

Peppr is a central hub for prostitutes. It allows each party to have a personal experience. The clients pay the up front fee of 5 – 10 euros for access to a very diverse database. This option defeats the hassle of going to the streets or to a brothel. With the legalization of prostitution in 2002 those looking to book erotic entertainment have their pick of the litter. Just so happens that the litter consists of over 400,000 options.

The sex industry is worth about 15 billion euros. Therefore, creating a way to centralize prostitutes and consumers is a very lucrative business. The convenience of this application is what has undoubtedly sparked their initial success. Though there are no official numbers on how many downloads, or members, Peppr has it is presumed to be a lot. The pure success of this industry dictates the level of success possible for this one of a kind business. Though, it will not make its way to the states due to the fact that it is illegal there is a market for it. The sex industry is among the most lucrative industries worldwide. Therefore, there is a place for Peppr in every market.

By: Schelett Rickenbacker



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