Pregnancy Plus Obesity Equals Potential Stillborn Birth

pregnancyPregnant women that are overweight or obese have a greater risk of their baby being stillborn upon delivery in contrast to women who are at the ideal pregnancy weight. The concerns for maintaining a proper weight throughout the pregnancy for the sake of the baby’s health both now and later on in life has always been there, and the health risks must be in the forefront of the parents thoughts if they want a healthy pregnancy and healthy baby. If a woman is obese,  the mother stands a greater chance of having hypertension which could result in either a birth defect in her baby or the loss of her baby. A pregnant woman’s first concern is to her own health which automatically effects the baby’s health.

When researchers from the American Medical Association looked at thirty-eight different cases regarding risks to a unborn baby and the mothers body mass in connection to the mother’s weight, it was estimated that these mothers to be had a 2-3x greater chance of birth issues which included fetal death, infant death, and their baby being still born. Dr. Jeanne A. Conry insists that before a woman wants to have a baby, she absolutely needs to be at the best health she can be. Healthy eating and exercise is imperative for both the mother to be and her baby. For an optimal healthy pregnancy, a woman should be close to her ideal weight and keep close watch on her diet and exercise routine. Equal to these, a woman should not be on any medications and needs to have her blood sugar checked regularly.

World Health Organization estimates that around 7200 stillborn births occur every day stemming from a woman’s eating habits, exercise, and weight before and during pregnancy. It seems that the medical profession can not completely come together on what the perfect solution for having a healthy baby. If a woman is overweight or even obese, she stands the risk of losing her baby pre-birth or having the child stillborn upon delivery.

If the woman is too skinny, her child stands the chance of becoming fat. This presents a potential problem. The woman can embark on a organic eating regiment, which would make Euell Gibbons, spokesmen of the Grape Nuts cereal commercial during the 1970s very proud and may even evoke a standing ovation with hand clapping at no additional charge. It is doable, but would get old very fast. Perhaps the mother to be would try the See Food diet, but that too has its own set of issues and could backfire on both mommy and baby because here, anything is up for grabs. If momma sees it, she eats it. Probably the worst scenario would be the In and Out diet, where momma to be goes through the drive through and super sizes her meal. This type of diet could bring on gestational diabetes which could be passed on to the baby.

ABC  News reported that researchers did a test on pregnant women who started out with normal weight before pregnancy and the gained more weight than the recommended weight found that they stood a greater chance of their children becoming obese later in life in comparison to women who gained the proper weight. The all important issues during a woman’s pregnancy is for her to watch her diet, continue in an exercise program, get plenty of rest, have an emotional support team, and keep her doctor appointments. Now, this is not implying that doing all these things ensures the baby will be born perfectly healthy as this is not a perfect world. But, by doing these things, the chances of complications decrease drastically.

By John Thomas

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