Prince Harry and Cressida Bonas: Who Pulled the Plug?

Prince Harry Cressida Bonas

According to different sources, as rumors start to circle regarding the recent alleged breakup between the youngest son in the royal family and his socialite 25-year-old girlfriend, there are, not surprisingly, contradictory statements regarding who ended the relationship this past weekend. Some sources claim they have information from Prince Harry’s intimate circles that Cressida Bonas was “too needy” as a companion, and other “inside sources” claim that Bonas was not ready for the complications nor the responsibilities necessary to be a part of a high-profile couple. Other sources claim, no matter who pulled the plug, the split between Prince Harry and Bonas was mutual and amicable, and the two are to remain close friends. Others report Harry wants his lady back.

Prince Harry and Bonas dated for two years, and for a majority of their relationship, they tried to keep their couplehood very private. The two were introduced by Princess Eugenie of York, who is a close friend of Bonas. Both were reportedly part of the same postgraduate dance program at London’s Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance. In the past few months, the prince and Bonas have made their relationship more visible, which may have started to cause some ripples for Bonas. The pair has been going out to dinner dates and other social events. Bonas also attended her first official event last month, when she supported Harry as he gave a speech at Wembley Arena helping launch WE Day, a charity gathering for Save the Children.

After such outings as these and media coverage of the couple’s romantic getaway to a ski chalet in Kazakhstan, Bonas is said to have come to terms that the royal life may not be her cup of tea. According to some, she was not keen on living her life under the umbrella of the royal family’s rules. Over the past few months, there were also rumors running amok that Prince Harry was about to propose to his dancer girlfriend. Whether or not the discussion happened between the two, it is easy to assume pressures from the media could have caused some new tensions.

Reports from ShowBiz Spy say Bonas pulled the plug on Prince Harry, 29, because she did not want to conform to the high-profile family. In accordance, a source from Enstars reported, “She’s used to making her own schedule…and she doesn’t want to give up her entire life to attend royal engagements.” This particular perspective on the breakup also eludes to Kate Middleton’s busy lifestyle and personal upheavals with the media attention potentially helping guide Bonas to her final decision. The beautiful, young blonde did not want to live her life in the royal limelight after considering Middleton’s perspective. “Kate’s been honest about her struggles, and it’s been a lot for Cressida to process,” added the insider. In addition, it was reported that Prince Harry has been under the thumb of the Queen to settle down and begin his family by his 30th birthday.

The Enstars source who claims to be close to the “situation” also reports that although the two have split, Harry is still hoping the two will reunite. The difference is that Harry wants to be married, like his brother, and Cressida is opposed to the commitment, because she feesl too young and apprehensive about joining the family. The two are allegedly remaining friends, and the split may be interpreted as more of a slowing down.

If Prince Harry wants his lady back, and is willing to slow things down to give her the space she needs, then why are there reports from “a source close to the prince” that state Prince Harry found Bonas “too needy” and the relationship “just wasn’t working out,” so he pulled the plug? Perhaps things were not going well for multiple reasons, which is most likely the case. There may have been a ruffling of royal feathers on each end. However, in matters of the heart, everyone always wants someone to blame. It is only natural, even if unfair, to take sides.

Opinion by Stacy Feder

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  1. Patricia Robinson   April 30, 2014 at 6:58 am

    maybe Cressida thinks that’s really Harry in the new reality show ‘I Want to Marry Harry’ a new low for the Fox Network.

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