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Private Lives of Nashville Wives: Bless and Release (Recap/Review)

*May Contain Spoilers*

Private Lives of Nashville Wives: Bless and Release
After last week’s episode of Private Lives of Nashville Wives, the girl’s all get together to have a rehash before the bus ride home, in Bless and Release Erika feels bad about her outburst at Jenny’s party the night before. She feels bad about “attacking” Jenny, but as Ana says, the business woman pushes everyone. Cassie reveals that the atmosphere has lightened up since Jen has gone and Erika feels like she’s blown her last chance to connect with Jenny.

Betty gets angry at how Jennifer treats both Erika and Cassie. Sarah is keeping busy and putting in a lot of studio time. She is taking the split with Dallas as a chance to focus on her music and career. Certainly her skills in front of the microphone during the recording session appear to have not suffered from her personal upset. Sarah still shows that her talent lies in front of the microphone and the dream she has is an attainable one.

Jenny and JT are still wrangling over whether or not to have another baby. JT is eager to add to the family and Jen is not so sure. Over a Skype conversation, Jenny is a little frugal with the truth when she tells her husband that Erika “attacked” her at the party. Meanwhile Ana is enjoying the single life, but really wants to find that special man to settle down with. Betty urges her to sign up to an online dating service to find Mr. Right.

The twins discuss Ana’s proclivity for picking the wrong sort of man and Betty offers to “stand in” for her sister on the first date to help her find the “right guy.” Betty says bluntly that her twin has “Sh*t taste in men.” She also says the Ana’s “jerk meter is too high.” Ana laughs at this but she still agrees to let Betty “vet” her date. Private Lives of Nashville Wives: Bless and Release looks at all the women and reveals a little bit more about them all.

Erika discovers that standing up to Jenny at the aftershow party has had a liberating effect and she feels more confident in just being herself. Cassie, who out of all the other wives, seems to be her BFF, talks about husband Gary’s work in the studio on his comeback album. She says that Gary’s 16 track album is the best work he’s ever done. She also invites Erika to the AGAPE, pronounced Ah-GAWP-AY, charity show. AGAPE is an animal rescue organization in Nashville and Cassie, as well as Gary, will participate in a runway show with fostered dogs.

Ana and Betty, after telling a bemused Raul about their dating plan, make up a list of what the single twin wants and they plan to go on their “first date.” Raul gives his blessings for this “double date” plan.

At the charity show, Cassie looks brilliant and Gary, despite his misgivings, manages to look great as well. Erika is there, along with Betty, Ana, Sarah and Tina to show their support. Ana takes Sarah to the bar and the singer reveals that it does not bother her what people think about her upcoming divorce. Backstage at the dog runway show, Gary and Cassie have a chance to see how the foster dog that he has to walk with, Titus, will perform. The couple also, apart from showing just how cute that they are together, seem like the perfect fit, despite the age difference.

Cassie and Gary rock it at the show, and Sarah reveals just how great it is to see a husband prepared to do anything to please his wife. Afterward, the little group sit down to toast Gary and Cassie, Nashville, and the dog show. It seems that Cassie’s revelation that Jenny is the cloud of the group is not far from wrong.

By the end of the episode, Ana and Betty, go on their first date. Jenny allows J.T. to talk her into having another baby. The couple seem pretty happy at the planned event. The preview for next week’s show reveals that the Erika and Jenny split could destroy the group if its not sorted out and Sarah is excited about appearing at the Bluebird. Private Lives of Nashville Wives: Bless and Release allows viewers to learn even more about these strong wives who don’t need drugs, revealing selfies or outlandish stunts to make them complete.

By Michael Smith



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