‘Psych’ Is Missed (Review)


The week of April 2, 2014 was the first week that there was no new episode of Psych. Despite its flaws, it was missed.

The biggest flaw in the show was Spencer, the main character. He was someone who was pretending to be a psychic so he could be a consultant for the Santa Barbara Police Department. He was successful as a police consultant, but he was not successful as far as being a regular person. In eight seasons of the show, he was a man-child. He was never mature. He never took anything seriously. He finally did commit himself to one person, but it seems only because she could stand his eccentricities.

His lack of maturity can be ascribed to his father. His father was a cop and he seemed more concerned with training his son to be a future cop than making him a mature human being. When they went out to eat, he would interrogate his son about people in the restaurant. How many people were wearing hats? How many people were eating pie? This did make Spencer very observant, but it did not help him become  a mature human being.

With those observing skills, he was capable of success as a fake psychic because he did see things that nobody else could see. He could refer to the little piece of paper that the police did not see. He could see the tiny pieces of hair on the corpse that did not come from the corpse. He could observe much better than the police and was in a position to solve the crime. Whatever his professional success, he was never able to translate that into personal growth.

Lassiter, one of the police cops that Spencer worked with on Psych, did seem to grow over the eight seasons. In the first season, he just seemed to be a by-the-book, tough cop. But beneath his hard outer shell, he had a softer side that could be missed. He did have a soft side and in the end, he liked and respected Spencer. His world view opened up as he was in a position to marry an ex-convict. The last episode showed that in the end, he liked and respected Spencer. Spencer sent him a DVD as a good-bye. In the DVD, it seemed that Spencer was going to admit to Lassiter that he was not a psychic, but Lassiter stopped the video. Lassiter knew that Spencer was not a psychic, but he didn’t want to hear about it since it would mean that as a by-the-book detective, he would have to do something about it. He respected Spencer enough that he would leave Spencer alone.

Juliet, the love interest of Spencer, did grow as well. She had to tolerate that he would never grow up. She did get mad when he revealed to her that he was not a psychic. She got over that fact and is probably marrying him someday. She was not the same person as she was before the show began.

There were things that did keep a person watching Psych every week. The show always made people laugh at least once or twice per episode. The writing and acting were good. If a person did not like Spencer, he or she could be in love with the other characters. The shows where they parodied Alfred Hitchcock and Twin Peaks were very good. These things are why some people miss the show.

Despite the flaws of Spencer, Psych is missed and hopefully, will be remembered fondly in the future.

By Tom Clark


3 Responses to "‘Psych’ Is Missed (Review)"

  1. Chris   April 9, 2014 at 6:25 am

    Psych was one-in-a-million. It is already missed. The entire cast was amazing and the antics of Shawn and Gus were always entertaining. Thank you Psych for 8 years of fond memories. Hope to see a movie in the future.
    #Psych+Monk=Delicious Flavor

  2. Asheena Hafeez   April 6, 2014 at 5:46 am

    What’s shocking is there isn’t a single mention of Gus in this review. I think the best part about this show will always be the relationship between Shawn and Gus.

  3. Bruton Gaster   April 5, 2014 at 10:04 pm

    Um, the whole point of the finale was that Shawn did in fact grow up in the end, in his own way. Did you even watch the finale? Also, the entire premise of the show is that Shawn never wants to grow up, that’s where a lot of the comedy and awesomeness of the show comes from. How can you say the protagonist is the flaw in this show? One of the best things about this show is that Shawn and Gus are like two kids running around having fun, which makes them incredibly relatable.

    This show will most certainly be missed.

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