Richard Donner Wants Original Cast Back for Goonies Sequel


Richard Donner recently announced that a sequel to The Goonies was going to be made, and has stated that he wants everyone from the original cast to return. Donner has directed various Hollywood mega-hits in his career, he directed the original 1978 Superman and also helmed all of the action packed Lethal Weapon films. But to most Donner will always be loved for the classic 1985 film The Goonies.

The Goonies was about a group of misfit kids who got together to find a hidden pirate treasure to save their families homes from being foreclosed. With a map to the treasure the kids go in search, to realize the entrance to the caves were the treasure is hidden is underneath the house of the evil their Mama Fratelli and her two bone head sons and the lovable but severely disfigured son nicknamed Sloth. In what ends up being an adventurous chase through the caverns, and with the help of Sloth, the kids find the treasure and are finally able to save their homes.

The original film was written by Chris Columbus with a story by credit to Steven Spielberg who also produced the film. The film stars Sean Astin as the young pack leader of the group, Mikey. The group ends up with the nickname The Goonies, thus the title of the film. Josh Brolin plays older brother Brand and Corey Feldman plays the wise mouthed kid Mouth. The film also featured some early notable work from Joe Pantoliano. Martha Plimpton, now famous for the hit TV comedy Raising Hope played the nerdy but spunky Stef. Jonathan Ke Quan played the kid with all the cool gadgets named Data, he is also known for his comedic part in another Spielberg classic Indiana Jones & the Temple of Doom. One of the most memorable scenes in the film is when Chunk sticks out his belly and giggles it for all the world to see, the character was played by Jeff Cohen who has since been away from the spot light.

Richard Donner wants to bring back the original cast of The Goonies, the question is will he be able to? The original film is almost 30-years old and most of the cast has moved on to different levels of work, Josh Brolin is an oscar nominated actor who has defined himself as a serious actor, would someone like him go back to reprising such an early role in his career? Would the busy schedules of someone like Sean Astin and Jonathan Ke Quan, well maybe not Ke Quan, but someone like Astin have time to even do so if he wanted to?

What makes the chances high that most of the cast would return is that the legendary Richard Donner is the one bringing back the sequel, Donner is incredibly respected for his high-caliber work and chances are these actors who owe their careers to Donner would at least try to be in the film in some capacity. The idea that Donner wants is not to make a reboot of the original film, but an actual sequel that takes place 30-years later and follows the lives of the original cast and the new adventure that they are surely to get into. Which is why Donner wants to bring back the original cast of The Goonies in the new sequel. Something any kids growing up in the ’80s can now watch with their own kids and bring in a new generation of The Goonies fans.

Opinion by Miguel A. Tamayo


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