Rick and Morty Sees Huge Success

Rick and Morty

The Cartoon Network has been wildly successful in recent years with many of its new animated series. Since the network split its content from family friendly shows during the day and their Adult Swim mature content for night, the target audience has increased immensely and more viewers of all ages are tuning in. One show that viewers simply can not get enough of is Adult Swim’s new series ‘Rick and Morty’. Originally formed from a Back to the Future parody by co-creator Justin Roiland, the heavy science influenced animated comedy has created a following that has not been seen since the first season of ‘Arrested Development’. With only just a few episodes aired, a second season has already been renewed for the show. In just a short time, Rick and Morty see huge success with not only the critics, but with fans as the show constantly trends on twitter Monday nights.

Based on the multiverse hypothesis of infinite possible universes existing within a parallel timeline (the same ‘ole same ‘ole), the animated comedy stars grandfather-grandson duo Rick and Morty and the adventures that are the result of exploiting this theory. While there are many raunchy scenes and adult situations, there’s quite a bit of high brow humor that can go above fans heads. The alcohol drinking, stuttering scientist, Rick, has an irresistible charm even when being crass and rude. His anti-social behavior and his cheeky views on society and social issues can leave one aghast. Although Rick can usually be vulgar and borderline demented, he still displays, at times, compassion for his grandson Morty.

The timid insecure 14-year-old Morty is the grandson of mad scientist Rick. While he does play the stereotypical unpopular teenager, his science fueled mayhem and the adventures he partakes in with Rick is popular among fans. From entering his math teachers dreams for an A in class to watching interdimensional television, the modest and shy Morty is the piece of moral and humanity in the series. Constantly protesting with Rick on ethic and conscientious situations, the two conflicting personalities connect very well and their interactions come off as natural and honest.

Creators of the show, Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon, have had successful careers in Hollywood prior to the show. Roiland not only does the voices of Rick and Morty, but outside the show he is known as Oscar from the Disney show ‘Fish Hooks’. He was also a writer for the popular kids show.

Dan Harmon created and produced the hit NBC show ‘Community’. Harmon also participated in many independent projects such as ‘Harmontown’ and ‘Channel 101’.  With the combine original efforts, the show not only was able to be creative. As a promotional event for the show, the episode ‘Rixty Minutes’ was released online, a week early… in 110 fifteen second clips.

Adult Swim has had many shows based on random silliness and unadulterated violence, however, none of them has been able to deliver an enjoyable storyline along with the mayhem around it. It is clear that Rick and Morty are seeing huge success by not only fans online, but for the critics who enjoy a well written and thought out show, sprinkled with a little bit of insanity.

Commentary by Hector Carrion

The Observer
Den of Geeks

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