Robin Williams ‘Angriest Man in Brooklyn’ Comedy Without Laughs

Robin Williams  Angriest Man in Brooklyn

There was a time when Robin Williams was the king of comedy. He was renowned for his rapid fire improvisation skills and hyper-active personality on stage. He had a hit television show Mork and Mindy. He lend his voice to the Genie of the Lamp in Aladdin, and had box-office success with films like Mrs Doubtfire. He even proved to be a master of suspense in One-Hour Photo. Which is why it is sad to see Robin Williams star in a comedy without any laughs in his latest movie The Angriest Man in Brooklyn.

The premise is Robin Williams plays a man with anger management issues. Every little thing irritates him. When he gets hit by a car in traffic he decides to go to the hospital. Being irritated that he had to wait so long for his results, he starts screaming at the doctor, played by Mila Kunis. Kunis’ character caves under Williams yelling at her and lies that due to an aneurism he has 90 minutes to live. With this reveal, Williams goes on the hunt to make amends with everyone he has ever offended: his wife, his son, his brother and his friends.

There is a lot wrong with this premise. Apart from the fact this has been done to death in the past, a man who is either too focused on his work, or leads a life of monotony who one day decides to live life to the fullest, but the biggest problem is the ridiculousness of the premise. First of all, doctors are trained to deal with angry patients. Doctors have to give bad news all the time and are expected to stay calm when the patient lashes out. So how could Mila Kunis’ character just blurt out Williams has 90 minutes to live because she was yelled at? Another problem is nobody would ever believe they only had 90 minutes to live if they were walking around normally. The kind of people who get diagnosed to have an hour and a half to live are people who are lying in hospital beds with 10 different tubes plugged into them. The Angriest Man in Brooklyn is a so-called comedy that without a doubt will make audiences laugh at Robin Williams, instead of with him.

Some could argue that a premise for a comedy is allowed to be unbelievable. It is a comedy after all, it is meant to be ridiculous. But comedy comes from taking something that could easily happen and exaggerating it a little bit. Comedy is about ridiculing everyday life. To take something that people are familiar with and demonstrating why it ludicrous. Robin Williams used to be outstanding in this regard. When a movie has a premise that is completely flawed, all jokes fall flat.

The Angriest Man in Brooklyn seems to be another downfall for comedy legend Robin Williams, as the trailer will be viewed without any laughs. By no means should audiences rush out to go watch this movie. This film will probably bomb at the box-office and be hated by critics. The Angriest Man in Brooklyn may show Robin Williams only having 90 minutes to live, but his career has been dead for a long time.

Opinion By Ignacio Gatti



2 Responses to "Robin Williams ‘Angriest Man in Brooklyn’ Comedy Without Laughs"

  1. Terry Marvin   April 7, 2014 at 3:21 pm

    Monday. April 7, 2014–5:20 pm CST

    Don’t knock the movie until you’ve really seen it. It looks good to me.

  2. jumperoo   April 5, 2014 at 10:46 pm

    Yeah I totally agree, what really happened to Robin Williams? I wonder if all the money and fame made him less funny.

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