Russia to US: Stop Acting Like Children

RussiaOn Thursday, Moscow Ridiculed the United States’ decision to dramatically reduce cooperation with Russia saying that the actions are “childish” and that said actions will hurt the US more than Russia. Last month, the people of Crimea voted to succeed from Ukraine and join the Russian Federation, a move that the United states and other Western nations sees as illegitimate and aggressive by Russia.

Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov said that US diplomats need to, “Stroll outdoors more often, go in for yoga, eat healthy foods, watch comedy episodes on TV…,”  he said these things would be better than getting themselves and their European allies “wound-up” and that what has happened in Crimea has happened and acting like children will not help the situation. He also criticized the United States for canceling meetings in order the stop US cooperation with Russian space agencies, again noting that it was “childish.”

Ryabkov also said that the fact that the United States is freezing its involvement in bilateral programs with Russia, it causes unnecessary and ridiculous situations, pointing out specifically the US canceling meetings between Russian and American meteorologists also stating, “Oh well, that’s America’s choice,”

Along with NASA, several other US agencies have been banned from working with their Russian counterparts. Most notably is the anti-missile defense system, or AMD. Ryabkov said that there was no such thing as cooperation between Russia and the United States and that the Russian approach to an AMD has “no alternative” and that Russia will not let the US dictate their strategic position.

He also noted that if global security is compromised because of US meddling in social-political and geopolitical issues that are far away from home that Unites States-Russian cooperation in the AMD should be forgotten.

The Russians have accused the United States for bringing an anti-Russian government into power in Ukraine because of Russian interests in the region and some analysts say that Russia’s occupation and eventual annexation of Crimea was punishment from Russian President Vladimir Putin for the US meddling in Ukraine’s affairs.

“One can see that the US leadership is ‘fixated’, and they fail to accept the situation,” Ryabkov said. He went on to say that the stuation has changed because of the United States and their European allies in bringing “anti-Russian” forces into Ukraine.

However, the Russians have called on the United States to accept what has happened and move on.  Alexander Lukashevich, a spokesperson for the Russian Foreign Ministry said that, the US should look at what has happened in Crimea and the situation in Ukraine with an open mind and not let it effect their diplomatic relationship with Russia.

Ryabkov also said that the tension between Russia and the United States is not the fault of the Russians, but that of the US, saying, “We aren’t curtailing anything, but it’s clear that the situation that our [US] partners are creating in bilateral relations, may force a number of decisions that Washington won’t like, including plans to drop some contacts and processes, but that has never been, nor will it ever be our choice,”

Russia also demanded that NATO explained their recent activity near their borders in Eastern Europe after NATO said that they would defend their eastern allies after the Soviet takeover of Crimea. Since then, Russia has recalled its ambassador to NATO. 

By Nathaniel Pownell

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