Sad Case of Bullying in Georgia


All too often are there stories of children being victimized and abused throughout America. No matter how often it happens one is never prepared to deal with instances such as what happened in Georgia. This is a sad case of bullying in Parkview High School. Earlier this month in Georgia a 16-year- old boy was violently assaulted in the gym locker-room. There is no confirmed word yet on the reason for this assault, but the school has decided to take action. The name of the attacker has been withheld at this point because he is a minor.

The father of David Egan got a startling call from Parkview High School asking him to pick up his son. Daniel Egan approached the school only to meet his son battered and bruised. His son David had been attacked savagely while his classmates cheered on. Egan was beaten so bad that his nose was detached from his skull. The overall damage sustained by this young man was horrific. The extent of Egan’s injuries were described further in a statement given by his father. Egan suffered broken cheekbones all over, which requires a metal plate to hold his bones together. Furthermore, the whole base of his nose was broken to the side of his face, and both eyes were swollen shut.

What was the reason for this incident that occurred in Gwinnett County at Parkview High School? Was it a crime of opportunity, or is it just another sad case of bullying in Georgia. One cannot be to sure if there are no details offering some kind of insight. Egan said it possibly had something to do with him touching or taking the assailants sneakers. However, Egan declared he did nothing of the sort. This kid just violently perused Egan as seen on the tape.

Egan was just seen walking pass the young man and was in his words “sucker punched.” The initial punch staggered Egan, and the second hit sent him falling to the floor. Then once on the floor he begins just trying to hold in the blood. All the while his classmate’s frolicked around in elation celebrating his pain.

The simple fact that no one was willing to assist Egan points to a deeper issue. Was this just a common practice among this particular group of boys, or were they scared of the assailant also? This behavior is quite common among bullies. They pick a target and go after them. Statistics show that 79 percent of boys report being bullied in school or online, and around 70.6 percent witnesses it. Why are these numbers so high? Studies show that certain students are bullied when they seem to be different or weak.

This can all be prevented if others would just intervene. The fact is 57 percent of bullying stops within 10 seconds if someone would intervene. However, the fear of being made a target for speaking up is frightening. Therefore, incidents such as this one will continue to take place if students remain silent. The numbers clearly state the 20 – 30 percent of students being bullied will not report it. As a community with a collective effort, this can be effectively addressed. Then hopefully, incidents like this one in Georgia do not occur as often.

The assault on David Eden was truly a sad case of bullying in Gwinnett County, Georgia. No child should attend school one-day and end up in the hospital for four days.


By: Schelett Rickenbacker

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