Same Sex Marriage May Not Be Same as Traditional Marriage

 same-sex marriage

Same-sex marriage could be considered one of those concepts that requires an open mind. It may be also one of the many concepts that some people have fought hard for the constitutional right to be heard, honored, and respected. As such, same-sex marriage really comes down to being a matter of choice. If two people of the same gender who are romantically involved want to decide to lift the ranks of the relationship to a new height, it is a matter of choice. While marriage may not any different in a same-sex marriage as it may be in a traditional marriage, there may still be that same element of opposition that suppresses one from expressing the intimate desires out in the open. For those who were not afraid to stand up for the right to choose, there seem to have been an enormous amount of progress made over the years from a legal standpoint that has been proved to be well worth any efforts.

From a general standpoint, same-sex marriage appears to be rather new on the scene in regards to relationships, although the concept itself is not new to the scene of relationships. Moreover, couples consisting of the same gender may have always existed for years but were also not as obvious as most same-sex couples were made to feel different by society. Ever since the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LBGT) individuals have decided to band together to form an alliance against traditional marriage standards, society could not deny those the right to be heard regardless if the same viewpoint on same-sex marriage was in accordance or not. As time moved on, several states as well as other countries around the world began appearing to be more accepting of the idea of same-sex marriage, yet there may still be a few remaining who may remain completely against the idea altogether. Currently, there are probably more states against the idea of same-sex marriage then there are supporting it. With only 17 states in acceptance of same-sex marriage at the present moment, the LBGT community may still have a long road ahead.

Comparatively, same-sex marriage may not be as contrasting as one might imagine to be from traditional marriage when comparing the same types of relationship issues. Both parties may still experience the same heartache of separation, the burden of divorce, and the sorrow of becoming a widow or widower. Ironically, there may be a few employers still out there who may be somewhat secretly biased about hiring anyone from within the LBGT community who is married yet will probably hire someone who has a traditional marriage regardless of the qualifying job credentials. With all the debating going on over the concept of same-sex marriage for the past few years, traditional marriage supporters who hold firm to personal beliefs will eventually have to be on the same page as those who support same-sex marriages. It is presumed this acceptance in equality could be beneficial in order for all to be able to harmonize in one society together.

Opinion by Stephanie Tapley

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