Samsung HTC iPhone Smartphone Battle Grounds

Samsung HTC iPhone Smartphone Battle GroundsSmartphone buyers have seen a barrage of phone releases thus far in 2014 with more to come. The Samsung Galaxy 5, HTC One (M8), and rumored iPhone 6 are the gladiators of the current smartphone battleground.

The consumer is the prize sought by manufacturers who vie to one up each other by pushing the limits of features and functionality. There are many top ten and top twenty list rating phones for potential buyers and atop each you’ll find a different number one. There is an implied division with iPhone users viewed as fervent loyalists while android fans are perceived to be captivated devotees to the buffet of phones with options claiming to be better than or the next best thing.

Pre-release reviews of HTC One (M8) specs predicted the phone to be the best smartphone on the market. However, upon release, the camera feature has been widely criticized. Nevertheless the HTC remains a strong contender sure to perform well with repeat owners who’ve been anticipating its release.

The Samsung Galaxy 5 stepped on to the battle field in a big way. Pre-orders of the devise via T-Mobile and Sprint are reported to have sold very well. News outlets released photos of consumers on line in Rotterdam and Singapore in anxious anticipation of the purchase of their new phones. Samsung’s view of consumer lines for day one releases of other smartphones once mocked in a Samsung commercial are sure to have changed.

Sprint has come to Samsung’s aide in the battle by offering customers a free Galaxy Tab3 with phone purchase.

What would the smartphone battleground be without the rumors of a new iPhone to stir the pot and provide the next obsession for Apple purist who won’t use technology from any other company? As usual details are being kept hush for now. Yet the anticipated June 2014 release would imply that news will come sooner than later.

The iPhone 5 is said to currently have the best smartphone apps and camera. Accolades for design and sound are given to HTC while Samsung is being heralded for its 1080P screen and fingerprint reader. Other smartphones gaining attention this year are the Moto X and the Nokia Lumia Icon. The Lumia is purported to be the best overall Windows phone, has gained attention. The Moto X reviews indicate this phone’s practical functionality make it a winner among smartphone fans.

Reviews and best of lists are subjective. Consumers may find it hard to wade through and determine what information will be helpful in their search for a new phone. Additionally, with the inconsistencies in opinions reflecting the lack of consensus, how is one to know which device is right for them?

This year more than ever consumers are encouraged to do their research before buying Samsung, HTC, iPhone or any other new phone. Features like HD and 3D camera options, devices that are waterproof and shock resistant or the endlessly evolving race to have the best speakers and sound can be confusing. The best battleground strategy from industry insiders this year encourages consumers to take a look at their individual usage and determine which phone has the best features for their needs.

By T. Lawson


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