Twitter Teenager Arrested After Prank Gone Wrong

TwitterA teenager in Holland has now been arrested after a Twitter prank had gone wrong. The 14-year-old took to the social media site for some fun, threatening American Airlines with bombing a plane on June 1.

The girl, identified as Sarah based on her social media name, decided to play a prank with the site. It started out as an innocent thing, but soon turned into a horrible mess when American Airlines threatened to get the FBI involved. According to the passenger flight company, all threats are taken seriously, even those that are obviously from 14-year-old girls with too much time on their hands.

Sarah soon followed up with panic tweets apologizing for the prank, and insisted that it was all a joke. She went onto block the FBI from her account, and tried to claim that it was a friend who was using her account. The whole thing gained her thousands of extra followers, which part of her was extremely happy about.

During the process, she decided to tweet her idol Demi Lovato asking the singer for some help. She insisted that she wanted to be famous, but not “Osama Bin Laden famous,” as the tweeter put it. The 21-year-old former Disney star is still to reply back, probably ignoring and staying out of the whole situation.

It came to a spectacular end today when the Twitter teenager was arrested for her prank gone wrong. However, Dutch authorities have not mentioned the charges against her. According to Business Insider, the only reason they intervened was due to the online interest the whole thing had sparked. There are questions over whether she can be prosecuted, or whether the police will view it as a terrible prank.

The whole thing has certainly taught her a lesson. Since the tweeting incident, Sarah has made her account private and changed her username. Her image has also changed to one of Lovato, in a hope that it will draw people away.

American Airlines has now been bombarded with more threats since the initial joke. It seems like more people want in on the action, and are looking to gain the tens of thousand new followers Sarah gained. The question is whether they are ready for the consequences of their actions.

One user seemed to see the error of his ways and quickly sent another tweet saying “joke” just after a threat that a bomb would go off in two days. However, all his tweets are still visible on his profile.

One Twitter user, @AldoFernz, went into details about his threats to the airlines. His prank also went viral, but he soon deleted the tweets as soon as he realized the error of his ways.

Many of the tweets have been reported, as many users find them in poor taste. The only reason they started is because of one user and how she panicked when she realized that her joke was not funny to the airlines. American Airlines are forced to take any threat serious, no matter how childish it may seem, for the safety of its passengers. Now the Dutch authorities are involved, and the initial teenager was arrested for her Twitter prank gone wrong.

By Alexandria Ingham



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