San Antonio Spurs Leading Texas Takeover Into NBA Playoffs

San Antonio Spurs The San Antonio Spurs lead the Western Conference and are at the forefront of a Texas Takeover heading into the NBA playoffs. The Spurs are currently one of three Texas-based NBA teams that are on pace to make the playoffs. With a record of 60-18, the Spurs currently sit atop the Western Conference and the league, but they are just one of many teams representing Texas in the playoff hunt. The Houston Rockets have put together a solid NBA regular season and are currently holding on to the fourth seed in the West with a record of 52-25.

In Dallas, the Mavericks have been battling for one of the final playoff spots all season and currently sit in the seventh seed with a record of 48-31. The last time three NBA teams out of Texas made the playoffs in the same year, was the 2008-09 season. While the state of Texas makes up nearly 50 percent of the teams in the Western Conference playoffs, what are the chances that the state of Texas comes home with an NBA title?

By the looks of it, Texas has a pretty good chance of at least representing the West in the NBA finals. While the San Antonio Spurs may be the team leading the Texas Takeover in the NBA, the other two southern squads still have a chance to make some noise in the playoffs The Western Conference has been extremely competitive for the entire regular season, so even low seeded teams are very high quality teams. Queue the Dallas Mavericks.

While the Mavs may be seeded seventh in the West, they have playoff-tested veteran players with a championship pedigree. Shawn Marion, Dirk Nowitzki and head coach Rick Carlisle were all part of the 2011 Mavericks squad that won an NBA title. While the Mavs do know what it takes to be successful in the playoffs, it is unlikely that they will be able to upset their current first round opponent in the Oklahoma City Thunder.

The Houston Rockets are legitimate outside threats for an NBA title this year. They have developed an extremely potent one-two punch in James Harden and Dwight Howard. The Rockets are one of the highest scoring teams in the league, as was highlighted in their last game when they throttled the Los Angeles Lakers, 145-130.

In a league where most teams are playing with smaller line ups, having a dominant center like Dwight Howard will be an asset on both ends of the floor during the playoffs for the Rockets. They would currently face the Portland Trailblazers in the first round, and have a good chance at beating them and improving on their first round playoff exit from last year.

And of the course, the cream of the crop of Texas basketball is the defending NBA finalist San Antonio Spurs. For yet another season, people expected the Spurs to be in the decline, especially after their heartbreaking loss to Miami in the NBA finals. But with the end of the regular season approaching, the Spurs yet again, sit on top of the NBA standings with another 60-win year. Thanks to Gregg Popovich, a well-rested Tim Duncan is prepared to deny the laws of father time for another playoff run.

The Spurs were five seconds away from hoisting the NBA trophy last season, and with a nearly identical roster this year, how can they not be favorites to reach the NBA finals again. While the Mavericks and Rockets have a chance to make a run in the playoffs this season, like many years in the past, it is the San Antonio Spurs leading the charge in a Texas Takeover of the NBA Western Conference.

Commentary By Eric Kummel


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