Sarah Palin Makes a Splash With Waterboarding Comment

sarah palinRecent comments made about waterboarding by former governor and conservative superstar, Sarah Palin, made a splash on the Internet on Saturday, sending liberals across the country into a panicked frenzy, with many now calling for her blood. This is not a huge shock for those who have seen her sparring sessions with the media in the past. Palin was one of the featured speakers at a rally for the National Rifle Association (NRA) which was held in Indianapolis over the weekend.

The quirky, tell-it-like-it-is, self-proclaimed “mama grizzly bear” strutted out on stage in a pair of jeans, prepared to deliver classic one-liners in defense of the Second Amendment. The crowd was primed and ready for a stellar performance from the former governor, and she did not disappoint. After taking the stage, Palin set her sights on the flimsy counterterrorism policies promoted by the Obama administration, stating that they offered little in the way of protection and coddled America’s adversaries.

Sarah Palin, who is known for brutal honesty, went on to say during the speech that if she were president, she would use waterboarding to “baptize” terrorists, and the comment, for lack of a better term, seemed to be a splash of fresh water to the faces of the crowd who agreed with conservatism’s leading lady. Palin kept throwing verbal punches during her speech, blackening the eyes of liberal ideology over the consistent attacks that the Second Amendment and classical American values have come under in recent years.

One of the big topics that Palin hit on was making schools “gun-free zones,” stating that these policies were a good example of “stupid on steroids.” She also stated that schools would be a much safer place if teachers were allowed to exercise their Second Amendment right to carry a gun, enabling them to possess the means to neutralize violent threats present on school grounds. This is a contentious issue for both conservatives and liberals, but the truth is armed teachers work in Israel, so why would they not work here? It is a point worth pondering.

Liberals love to hate Sarah Palin, so when videos of her comment on waterboarding splashed across the Internet, it was not long before the Progressive hate-machine was out in full force. Some of the criticism Palin is facing for her controversial statements are coming from the religious right who view her comment as sacrilege, saying it is slighting the Christian sacrament of baptism. Others feel Palin is just being hateful and intolerant, which is ironic coming from Progressives who seem to despise anyone for holding ideas and thoughts contrary to their own worldview. While the comparison to baptism may have been a bit distasteful, the fact of the matter is that terrorists need to be dealt with in a way that is suitable for obtaining information they may have concerning potential threats. Does that mean waterboarding is the way to go? No, but one should be careful to condemn Palin for wanting to take action to keep the nation safe, noting that her heart is in the right place, even if her head is not.

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  1. ppaddler   April 28, 2014 at 10:02 am

    The dolt is on display again. I can’t help but think of Jesse Ventura’s comment regarding water-boarding, “Give me Dick Cheney for 15 minutes & I’ll have him confessing to the Sharon Tate murders”. I think in Parah Salin’s case, it might take 30 seconds…

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