Seattle Seahawks Shares the Love to the Twelfth Man

Seattle Seahawks

The 2014 Super Bowl champion Seattle Seahawks are sharing the love to their fans, known around the country as the Twelfth Man. It was obvious that the Seahawks faithful were a major factor in many of the wins the team had on its way to their first Super Bowl win, and now they are paying it back to the faithful, no matter where they are.

Oso, Washington, a rural community northeast of the Seahawks hometown of Seattle was devastated on March 22 when a mudslide caught everyone by surprise. With a community in disarray, not only trying to recover from the disaster, but also mourning the 27 confirmed deaths and many more still missing, help was on its way.

Members of the Seahawks, along with members of the Seattle Sounders FC team that shares the Hawks stadium, headed up to Oso. They did not go to dig through the destroyed community, or help with the clean up. Instead, they went to show support to the community. A community that is part of the Twelfth Man. People who may have been cheering for them in person or from home in front of the TV were now struggling for answers.

While the Seahawks and Sounders could not give them answers, they were able to come into the small community and help take the residents minds off the devastation around them by tossing a football around, sign autographs, and just talk with them. Just being a release to what the people in the area were going through or at the very least, a temporary distraction was welcomed by residents and emergency workers.

It does not take a natural disaster in the Seattle Seahawks backyard for them to share the love to their Twelfth Man fans though. Seahawks fans are all over the country, and one special fan in Texas is about to be the envy of all her classmates.

High school senior Taylor Kirkwood of Anahuac, Texas is having a very good year, and it is about to become even more special. Kirkwood, who is autistic, has a super positive outlook. Up until just a couple of years ago she suffered from scoliosis which she had surgery to take care of. Throughout it all, she kept a positive attitude and never let herself get down. This positive outlook led classmates to name her Homecoming Queen this year.

As a high school senior, and the end of the school year coming, that meant that the prom was coming. Kirkwood’s mother, Stacie Holmes, contacted her cousin who went to high school in Beaumont, TX with Christine Michael, running back for the Seahawks. Holmes wanted to do something special for her daughter and asked Michael if he would take her to prom.

Michael said yes and will be accompanying Kirkwood to her prom. She will be sporting a pink dress for her date with the Super Bowl champion, and the odds are this shy girl from Texas will not let the night go by without at least kissing her date goodnight.

It does not matter if the Twelfth Man is a community in need or a young autistic girl in Texas, the Seattle Seahawks are willing and able to share the love to their fans, where ever they are. It is sure this prom in Anahuac is going to be the talk of the town for quite some time.

Commentary by Carl Auer

Seattle P.I.
Fox News

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