Selena Gomez Fires Her Mom and Step Dad

GomezIt could be that Justin Bieber is rubbing off on Selena Gomez, and that is why she decided to fire her Mom and Step Dad last month. The young star is justifying the slap in the face by stating that she is grown up and needs a manager that fits who she is now. She is just 21 and her parents have always been there to help and guide her. From all accounts her parents have always had her back since day one of her career. Rumor has it that Bieber was and is the source of many family arguments, and this may just be a way for Gomez to distance herself in order to continue her romance. Being 21 you would think that her relationships are her own business. However, with all the erratic behavior by Bieber any parent would be worried. Maybe that worry translated over into their working relationship. We may never know, as the family is keeping quiet about this newest life event. Word is that the family is still close, although her Mom is not happy with this move, justified or not.

The fact that Selena and Justin have been seen being quite cozy together recently, leads one to think that this on again off again romance may have set this new career move in motion. Maybe it is as simple as what she is reportedly saying, that she is grown and needs a professional management team now. If that is true, then this may be a positive move for her career. A move that certainly should be her decision, if Selena Gomez thinks it is time to fire her Mom and Step Dad, then maybe she should. It is her life and her career on the line, and even though her parents have sacrificed a lot to guide her career up to this point, maybe they are not the right choice moving forward. It is quite different to guide a child than it is to guide an adult, and maybe this is all just a part of growing up.

Although the signs all look bad, we know her fans and supporters are hoping this is a positive move and not a big mistake. After all this past year has been a little crazy for her. She’s been to rehab once, that the public knows of, and even checked out of that early. She has been posting tasteless pictures on instagram, making it appear she is naked. Whether she actually is or not, many people believe that this is childish and not mature behavior. She seems to be trying to use her sexuality to sell her projects instead of her talent, and cancelling the end of her tour makes it appear she may not be stable. Hopes are high that this is just a normal and justified move on her part. This new grown up Selena Gomez may feel the need to fire her Mom and Step Dad, and her fans just hope it is not the beginning of a meltdown of yet another former Disney star.  

Opinion by Kristi Cereska

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