Selena Gomez: Jenner Unfollow on Instagram Ends Friendship?

Selena Gomez Jenner Unfollow on Instagram Ends Friendship?

Selena Gomez Jenner Unfollow on Instagram Ends Friendship?

After hanging so tight with Kendall and Kylie Jenner that Selena Gomez earned the nickname of Jenner sister number three, the singer has unfollowed them on Instagram and presumably ended their friendship. Apparently something has happened between the three celebrity gal pals as they were as “thick as thieves” during the Coachella event. Now days after the festival has finished Selena has dropped the two Jenner girls and deleted the selfies of Kendall, Kylie and Gomez on the social networking app.

Of course the 21 year-old singer of Slow Down was not easing off her re-attachment to Justin Bieber at Coachella. While Bieber appeared to be doing his Pharrell Williams impression, Justin should really pack it in he cannot carry off the hat look like the singer/songwriter and record producer, Gomez stuck with her Jenner escorts when she wasn’t cuddling with her Canadian pop star boyfriend.

Earlier last week, celeb story chasers were betting that Selena was replacing her old BFF, Taylor Swift with the two younger Jenner girls. According to one website, the Come & Get It performer was hanging with her new friends because they were part of Justin’s circle. While not specifically “dissing” Swift, it did look like Selena was turning her back on the longest running friendship she had with the 24 year-old country/pop singer.

Things, however, do not look to have gone too well with the Jenner girls. Now Selena Gomez has unfollowed the two on Instagram, it looks like their friendship has ended. In the younger celebrity world, the dropping of any “friend” on Twitter spells an instant end to relationships. Whether they be of the romantic kind, i.e. Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth both unfollowing each other on the microblogging site last year prior to their official breaking up or of the non romantic type as in Gomez dropping the Jenners.

As Instagram is almost a permanent extension of Twitter, the act of unfollowing Kendall and Kylie seems to be a declaration of sorts. Especially since she has also deleted all those “pally” pictures taken with the 18 and 16 year-old reality TV celebs. Although it should be pointed out that Kendall is a model as well.

According to some, Selena did not just unfollow the two Jenner siblings. She also unfollowed her BFF Swift, Niall, and a couple of “irrelevants.” Ouch. The speculation is that since Gomez is under new management and back with the Canadian pop star she’s dumped repeatedly, she’s “cleaning house” so to speak on the social media front.

There are those who have asked just what happened to the three pals, Kendall, Kylie and Selena after the Coachella festival. The two sisters have not unfollowed Gomez, since the public dissing by the Fly to Your Heart performer. Although rumor has it that Kendall did some deleting of selfies with Selena on her own.

The biggest twist to the whole Selena Gomez Instagram unfollow incident is the news that she’s unfollowed her boyfriend Justin Bieber as well. So the issue of ended friendships may be incorrect since the Jenner girls are not the only fellow celebs to be dumped on the picture application. Of course Gomez could just be switching apps, going from Instagram to Vine and not dissing anyone. Time will tell if she’s cleaning her social media house or not.

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  1. Selena Gomez was only known for a couple of movies and a tv series. She can’t sing, don’t understand why she ditched them. Selena Gomez is a snobby star whose just there for the fame. No reason to end relationships for a music career, Justin didn’t end any relationships for his career. I think she just wanted a reason to ditch them.

  2. Stop hating she can be whoever she wants I love her maybe she is having some difficulties in her life why should we put her under pressure even more

  3. Selena’s on-stage behavior at Jingle Ball in LA in January was highly out of character. The incident saw her drop the F bomb into a live mic before walking off stage and cutting short her set.

    She also cancelled her Asian & Australian Tour for no apparent reason. Real stars don’t act this way.

  4. Erica, Selena to me, is not a real star. She wants to tour with Justin Bieber, opening his shows & riding his coatails. If she can’t tour & sell tickets on her own, then how can she be considered a real star? Lip sincing & auto tuning can be done by anybody.

  5. selena dont hurt other peoples feeling by just leaving them you have changed alot and i hate the new you. you have to change or nobody will like you

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