Six Health Signs That Should Never Be Ignored

Six Health Signs That Should Never Be Ignored

Scientists do not know why but there are specific illnesses that seem to occur together and if they do happen with each other, they are six health signs that should never be ignored. If an individual knows these disorders might happen at the same time, then he or she can be better prepared to stay well.

For many years, physicians have noticed patients who have one sickness are stricken with another ailment which appears to be totally isolated and sometimes even more severe. Researchers have found numerous links between different illnesses and have started honing in on why they seem to show up together. Lurking behind certain conditions might be other, scarier illnesses.

Individuals who suffer from of the following conditions must be aware of the following precarious connections which can happen so they can possible avoid the second disease or in case they do, get a prompt diagnosis and treatment so to have a much healthier outcome. Below are some things to look for.

High blood pressure/Diabetes

Physicians have speculated for many years how high blood pressure and diabetes were connected. The two diseases often show up together. It is now believed from research reports that having frequently elevated blood pressure, or hypertension, ends up doubling a person’s risk of coming down with diabetes. The risk of diabetes rises even more if an individual’s blood pressure goes up over time; even it is beneath the hypertension edge.

If a person has even mild hypertension or is in danger for this problem, be sure to get tested for diabetes. An individual can help avert the start of diabetes with changes in his or her lifestyle.

Asthma/Depression and Anxiety disorders

Research studies show that there is a very strong connection between asthma and psychological complications which include anxiety and depression. Back in the early 2000’s, the CDC declared that nearly 20 percent of patients who had asthma reported having mental anguish. Such an association had been discussed by scientists for nearly two decades, but it has only been in the last five years has this link actually gained much acceptance stated Bruce G. Bender, Ph.D., who works as a professor of psychiatry at the University of Colorado.

An individual who suffers from breathing problems could have depression or anxiety or it could work in the reverse.  A person who has mental or emotional problems could experience worsening asthma. If an individual is suffering from either a mental illness or asthma and begins to believe he or she might have the other, be sure to get tested for it immediately.

Migraine/Heart attack or stroke

If a person has migraine headaches on a regular basis then that individual has a higher predisposition to having a stroke or heart attack. If a sufferer has around one migraine a month, he or she is 50 percent more likely to have a heart attack than those who do not. If migraines hit on a weekly basis, the person has three times the chance of having a stroke, in comparison to those who do not.


The research that exists at the present time has not discovered that stopping migraines has any effect of lowering heart attack or stroke odds. However if a person keeps his or her cardiovascular system as healthy as he or she can, then they reduce their chances of experiencing any type of cardiac occurrence.


Back in 2007, a research study done in France established the fact that females who suffered from endometriosis were over 60 percent more likely to have melanoma. Scientists are uncertain why the sometimes lethal skin cancer and endometriosis sometimes show up together, but one chance is that a genetic imperfection could cause each ailment.

Psoriasis/Heart attack

The itchy, rough skin patches of psoriasis are more than just painful and unattractive. They also are believed to raise a person’s odds of having a heart attack. The chance of having a cardiac event was related to the harsh breakout of the psoriasis, the research shown. Any severe cases of the skin disease might mean a doubled risk of heart attacks. This is related to out-of-whack immune system triggers which cause the psoriasis to flare up. It could also cause inflammation to penetrate the arteries of the heart.

A sufferer needs to talk with his or her physician about new psoriasis medications which might help even if past drugs have failed. In the meanwhile, the person needs to make sure to keep his or her heart healthy with the right diet and exercise.

Metabolic syndrome/Kidney stones

Metabolic syndrome is a severe health problem that is associated with diabetes, heart attacks and early death. An individual knows he or she is suffering from it if they have at least three of the following five traits; high blood pressure, low HDL, high blood triglycerides, impaired glucose tolerance and excess abdominal fat.

Research is now also showing that metabolic syndrome might be the cause of the rising rate of kidney stones. A person’s chances of developing them rise by 54 percent if a person suffers from two of the above traits. If an individual has three warning signs, he or she has a risk rate that goes up to 70 percent.

Being overweight is the main reason anyone comes down with metabolic syndrome or gets kidney stones. This could be because obese individuals are more likely to devour excess sodium and that might cause the hurtful crystals to grow. A person trimming up his or his body reduces one of the metabolic syndrome symptoms and could lessen any chance of coming down with kidney stones.

Even though researchers do not know exactly why there are specific illnesses that seem to occur together, individuals can be better aware, and then he or she can be better prepared to stay well. The above are six health signs which should never be ignored.

By Kimberly Ruble


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